Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011

GLB vol.35 - Winter 2009

As I mentioned in my last post, I bought the GLB vol.35 from winter 2009 and I looked through it and found some cute dresses indeed! So I'm just going to show you the pictures I liked most :)

Innocent World - no that aren't my hands, they're printed in the magazine ;D 

I love the white shoes *___* By Leche by YOSUKE
 Angelic Pretty (left) & metamorphose temps de fille (right)
 Btssb (left) & MAM Maxicimam (right)
VISIBLE (left) & Moitié (right) 
The GLB contained Angel vs. Devil stickers and had that theme inside in a somewhat smaller magazine, where styles, make ups etc. for both sides were shown and explained. There was also a guide for books and films on the topic. Somehow I preferred the angels :D 
Angel - both in Baby
 How to be an angel - make up
Btssb - the plush snake is so cute ♥
 There were also Lady of Habsburg files and a huge site on German castles
Lady of Habsburg file 2
Aaand I was right: There is one of my dream dresses inside! 
 I love, love, LOVE Holy Queen! I want it so badly, either in the shown blue x white colorway or in black x blue.... ah, I'd take it in any colorway xD It's my most favorite Moitié print♥

Oh, I could post even more pictures, but the post is already picture heavy and I don't want to overwhelm you with too much! Maybe I'll make a second part... this could be part 1, the "fashion part", and the second one could be about what I like about the GLB also (with street snaps, room photos etc.). We'll see :D 

Thanks for reading


  1. ohhh auch dein traumkleid, holy queen? *o* <3

  2. Jaaaa *____* Du bekommst ja bald den Rock, oder? ^w^