Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012

Favourite school outfit

You may have already noticed, but I absolutely love wearing my BL Flower Jsk as a skirt sometimes and also for casual styles :) Somehow, it  became my favourite item for school lolita-wise.
I think, that may be, because it's  not that outstanding like a pink AP dress or any other cakes-and-sweets-and-other-cute-stuff printed clothing. Just perfect for casual lolita ^___^

Outfit for school 
Sorry, I was to stupid to take decent pics today, petti is showing -__-

My mum was so kind again and bought something for me again, which I might like, when she was shopping. 
And I like it indeed :D Now I own black overknees with lace at the top and they're reaaaally long (an exception for OTKs on my legs, just look above D:), they reach up to the middle of my thigh :) 

My mum got them at C&A, reduced to 3€ :3 

Thanks for reading,


  1. Nach den Overknees muss ich auch mal gucken!
    Das Outfit ist wirklich süß, kein wunder dass du es so magst :3

    1. Die sind echt cool, aber die Spitze ist nach oben gerichtet und nicht so hochwertig, aber was soll's, für 3€ ;)
      Danke :3