Mittwoch, 28. März 2012

Motto week!

It's motto week! Really, it's sad somehow, because that means, it's the last school week of my life :( Now only the Abitur exams are missing... and then - studying!
And because it is the last week, every day has a different motto and according to that, every student of our grade (13!) has to dress on that day :) 

And these are the mottoes:

Monday: Senior citizen (no photo :( )

Tuesday: Undead / Dead

I was a zombie (excuse my derpy face) 

Wednesday: Sports

I'm a ballerina!

Thursday: Space

Friday: Dream jobs

Photos of the remaining two days will follow and maybe I'll dress up as granny Anni again for completion.
I'm sure, I'll miss school .__.

Thanks for reading,