Freitag, 22. Juni 2012

Make up and bubble tea kit

Yesterday, two friends of mine, Melinda and Ramona, went to Geldern to buy the last accessories and make up for the Abigala tomorrow.
Afterwards, we went to Ramona and tried out the bubble tea kit she got for her birthday from some friends. You can make your own bubble tea with it and it comes with cups, straws, two different tea powders and tapioca pearls.
We cooked the tapioca pearls (which lasts an hour!), mixed the powder with water and added some ice as the instructions said. Melinda and I tried the taro flavour, Ramona didn't like it and made one with the other (which I forgot :D). The tapioca pearls tasted like the normal ones, but the tea was only okay. Ramona didn't liked it at all, Melinda and I were okay with the taro flavoured one. It's just, that you still recognize a powdery taste, it's kinda awkward. But the taro one is lavender coloured *__*

The tapioca pearls (I'm the only one, who likes them :D)

The lavender taro tea

Because Ramona doesn't like anything about the tea it was a gift fail for her. Sad, but now we can say, it isn't recommendable, if someone wants to make his/her own bubble tea :D

And this is what I bought in Geldern:

 Two bracelets from Bijou Brigitte, the black one is for the Abigaala, 
two eye shadow brushes,  fake lashes from p2 and some make up:
 p2 Colorfusion palette - 010 Something about orange!
alverde Camouflage - 001 Sand
Maybelline eyeshadow palette - 01 Vivid Pinks / Roses Magnétiques
p2 Brilliant Shine eye cream - 040 turbo turquoise

The ring belonged to Ramona, but she gave it to me, when I mentioned, I were looking for a black ring :) 

The pink eyeshadow palette isn't for the Abigala, but I was searching for pink eyeshadow for a long time and Ramona said these were good (Ramona knows about make up and stuff, I don't :D). We tried everything out at Ramona's, because she had to show me how to apply it all properly (I fail at make up), so I can do it on my own tomorrow. I never owned so much make up xD It's a shame...I hope, I will become better now :3

Thanks for reading,

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