Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012


Today, I challenged my luck once again, in desperate search of the right Demonia shoes for my Abigala outfit. But again, I failed =(

Instead, I found a few other things xD And because I passed my reexamination in biology with flying colours (I was way too good in my written exam (1-), differed therefore from my gained points (my mark, with which I went into the exam, was set as 3) too much and had to take an oral reexamination to verify the results. And I got a 1!!! *____*) my parents paid all the things, which was very kind of them♥ Thanks mum and dad! :3

They have a lot of things on sale at H&M at the moment, so take a look out!
 The dress and shorts are from H&M and were both on sale.
The dress was only 10€, the shorts 7€ :)
The bag and the umbrella are from SIX.

The "Tainted Love" t-shirt is also from H&M for the regular price of 9,95€.
The Avengers t-shirt is from a shop called Lindberg, which has a lot of cool stuff, but the brand
itself is called Logoshirt. They have many superhero t-shirts, but also other prints.

 Oh yeah, I forgot to mention it, I was in Essen at the mall "Limbecker Platz" again ;D And of course, I stopped at BoBoQ for some bubble tea :3 Finally, I tried the blueberry yoghurt one! Tastes so much like blueberries x3 

The cover's so cute ^3^

That's it!

Thanks for reading,


  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch *o* Du Genie ♥
    Ich bin morgen in Essen ^o^

    1. Awww, dankeeee, hihi ^___^♥
      Oh nooo, um einen Tag verpasst xD