Sonntag, 29. Juli 2012

Venlo and other shopping finds

Today I was in Venlo again and my actual intention was to buy a new pair of white tights, but... it all came different xD

At the market, no one seemed to have tights up for sale :( Instead, I bought some fabric, which I'll probably use for some skirts.

This is the necklace I bought on Thursday at SIX :3

I  bought this hat on Monday at C&A. I plan to make a bonnet out of it.
We also went to the regular stores in Venlo. There is a store called V&D, where they have many tights, but still I couldn't find even white ones. The best they could come up with was of a cream tone and thicker. Because they had the offer "Take 3, pay 2" I took more than one, of course xD Four, to be exact, I paid one extra.

At Vero Moda a green flash struck me! At first, I just wanted to buy a thin pullover,  but then my mum asked me to try on some pants and a top :D Normally, I don't like buying long pants, but I couldn't resist this time, I had a Loki outfit in mind, though it's a different green xD

What am I supposed to do with all the green clothes now? D: xDD

Thanks for reading,


  1. Oh, really lovely fabrics! <3___<3

    1. yeah, I couldn't resist *__* I hope, I can make something beautiful out of them xD

  2. Der linke Stoff ist sooo hübschi *-*

    1. Jaaa, ich hoffe, dass das Endergebnis auch gut aussehen wird xD