Mittwoch, 22. August 2012


Nothing to post about.... so I just post random stuff :D

Today, my parents and I went to Ikea. I'm going to get a new wardrobe, because my old one has a quite small clothes rail and I need a bigger one for all my dresses, blouses etc. But we'll buy it in a few weeks, because my dad had an operation and can't build it up, so we'll get it when he's completely fine again :)

Besides that, we bought a desk for our guest room. My mum and I want to make a sewing room out of it, so the old bed in it will be exchanged for the desk, dressers and a shelf ^____^ I'm really happy about that, because my sewing machine and "working place" was in the attic and you can't go up there in summer, it simply gets too hot in there D: So I can finally start making the skirts, I bought the fabric for, yay!

I wore a pair of the new tights from Venlo today, too, they're beautiful, I really like the pattern!

Playing Animal Crossing on my DS, oh yeah xD 
The last time in Venlo I also got some cool, spiky boots! They're made from fake leather, I think the store is called Tobakko, they usually have cheap shoes and there are even two shops on the same street in Venlo.

Random outfit:


And two frustration points:
- my bangs are too long (really annoying), time to pay the hairdresser another visit
- I probably can't go to the next meet-up! I already missed the Royal Pony 2 two weeks ago, because I had to drive my mum around, and this Saturday is the Ancient Rose, but I think I won't be able to go there, either -.- Raah, rage-mode!!! 

So, that's really getting me down .__. Hope, I can go to the next meet :)

Yep, that's what I do, when I'm bored, posting random things on my blog :D 

Thanks for reading, 


  1. Oh neeein, wie schade dass du nicht kommen kannst >_<
    Schneid dir den Pony doch selber :D Mahc ich auch immer, sonst müsste ich auch alle 2 monate hin, hehe ^_^
    Dein Outfit ist sehr schön und die Schuhe sind cool *-*

    1. Jaaa, das ist so ärgerlich .__. Ich hab Angst, dass ich mich verschneide und es dann komplett scheiße aussieht xD

      Dankeschön <3