Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012

New dress ♥

University is a bit time consuming, I had to realize! This is my first real week there, but I have the feeling, going there and back by train takes most of the time :D
I hope, I learn Japanese quickly, all these kanji, katakana and hiragana can be difficult to keep in mind.

Last week, I bought Angelic Pretty's Sweets Dessert OP from my friend Bibi (her tumblr :3), she sent it on Monday and it already arrived on Tuesday - what a surprise! It's so pretty and even goes down to my knees, yay!
It's the pink/sax colour way, one of my favourites (I also like the mint/pink and lavender/pink ones).

Excuse my hamster face, I just tried it on right after I came home from university :D So I look a bit crinkled, just like the dress. It appeared to me, that I have no matching headdress, so I have to improvise or buy one. Or make one on my own. Anyway, I hope, there'll be a proper coord with Sweets Dessert soon :)

Thanks for reading,