Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013

Cross red

Lagging soooo much behind with my posts!
This Primark haul is from December and as the title may give away, I bought mostly things in red or with crosses (or both ;)). I think, it was two weeks before Christmas, when Melinda and I took a look at Essen's Primark and I left a total of 53€ there. That's what I love about Primark, no cent amounts!

These tights are really great, I love the small crosses. Sometimes I wear different coloured tights underneath (red ones so far) to match the outfit. And no, this is not my leg, it's my arm :D

To this pullover I've worn the tights with red ones underneath. It's really comfy and a bit longer on the back, which I normally don't like that much, but with this one it's okay. The jeans are my favourite item! All the little crosses, yeees, I'm a  huge cross fan right now, I already told you in another post :D
They're also comfy and have a skinny cut.

A red chiffon blouse with black ribbon at the neck. When I tried it on at Primark at first, I wondered why it's so tight, though it was the right size... only afterwards I recognized, that I looked at the Spanish size xD Quickly I got the right size. The red overknees with cream lace are the last purchase from Primark, I haven't worn them yet .__. The ring is from Accessorize, it's now my third heart ring and the first one that glitters! *__*

One last find I got after Christmas at Orsay. I was there with my parents and it was the only  thing I could find in the whole CentrO!

Mint is a very pretty colour, in my opinion♥ I saw it on Yuki's blog and I had a voucher to redeem. Now the pretty mint pullover is mine ^__^

What was your last purchase? 

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  1. Wow, tollle Sachen!
    Und der Pullover erst *höhöhö, ich bin so witzig xD*

    1. xDDDD Jahaaa, hättest du auch gerne, wie? :D