Samstag, 26. Januar 2013

Ruffle shoulder

In my last 4Things post I told you about the blouse I made. Finally, finally this piece is finished T___T
There have always been times when I lacked the motivation to sew and there were some parts I didn't know how to do, so I postponed working on the blouse again and again or made only little progress.
So it has been laying around here for like two years, I'm not even sure about it ^__^"

The last step was to make the button holes and sew the buttons on. That's what I did last Saturday and here is the result:

It is the first black shortsleeve blouse in my closet and I wanted one for so long! I especially like the ruffles on the sleeves, there are three rows of them. I used a semitransparent fabric (which frays very easily -.-) and black-white (or silver?) shimmering buttons. The blouse has a straight cut, so it doesn't look that flattering without a dress worn over it xD 

This is the page in the Burda issue, I got the pattern from, featuring the blouse. It looks pretty in dusky pink, too! ^__^
I'm so glad, I finished it now :D

Thanks for reading,


  1. Die schaut echt toll aus ^^ Und ich beneide dich grad um deine Nähkünste :)

    1. Oh danke *__* So gut bin ich ja gar nicht ^__^"

  2. Sieht total schön aus. Die ist richtig toll geworden ^^