Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013

4 Things Sunday #5

4 Things Sunday is back again! After I had my Japanese exam on Thursday I have time again to set myself some goals over the course of the week. I hope, I can accomplish all of them this time ;)
So here are the goals:

1. Start learning for the next two exams on 18/19th February
2. Buy a black dress
3. Start with the headbow for Sweets Dessert
4. Coordinate an outfit for the "Royal Pony" meet up on the 16th February

Well, the last one is not a real goal, or a kinda meeh one, but I can't think of something proper right now. I haven't worn lolita since Christmas, so over a month and this makes me feel sad .__. I really, really want to wear it again, but it seems too much effort for university to me and I don't want to get stupid comments or looks in the train/at the station/at uni right in the morning,
But on Wednesday I'm going to visit my dear friend Melinda in Essen after university and we'll go to Limbecker Platz and Primark for shopping and that's where I intend to buy a black dress. I'll post about that later this week :3

Do you have any plans for this week? 

Thanks for reading,


  1. Sounds like fun ^^ Well, not the first point, but the rest. Do you already have fabric for your headbow? And I'm curious about your black dress ;)

    I want to buy a new cardigan for my lolita outfit that I want to wear for our meet-up this month. I hope I'll find a matching one. Most cardigans are much too long at the moment T^T

    1. Yes, I have the fabric here since months, I wanted to make blouse from it (which I'll still do...maybe :D). Me too, I hope I can find one xD

      You'll post about it on your blog, I suppose? I'm looking forward to see what you get :3 And I know the problem with the length^^ Most of the time they're too long, so you have to buy a bolero or directly from a lolita brand ^__^'

    2. You are right. But I don't think it will arrive in time ^^; I hope you can find a black dress that you like. It there any special occasion why you want to buy it?

    3. No, I just need it xD I have two lacey dresses in cream, but none in black and prefer to wear darker colours most of the time. I only own a tight dress and a summer dress with a straight cut and flower applications in black. One with lace and a bit wider skirt would be nice :3

  2. Hey my dear cutie,
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, please just have a look at my last entry and write to me if you like to join:

  3. I think your blog is so cute, so I nominated you for the Liebster Award <3