Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2013

Decisions, decisions

Next Saturday the "Royal Pony" meetup takes place and I have no idea what to wear D:
I had some coords in mind, but the two between I wanted to choose don't look that great in reality. Or maybe it's just me. You have to help me decide, please!

The first one is Sweet Lolita.

I'm not sure anymore, because the socks and my cardigan have a different shade of lavender. Besides, the Milky Planet isn't the real thing, so I don't know if I'll feel very comfortable next to those, who might judge me for wearing a replica. I want the AP one so badly xD I wouldn't buy replicas anymore, so I already feel not too comfortable wearing it, when other lolitas are around who don't know me.

The second one is a Gothic coord.

Or is it Classic already? Or maybe just Casual? Again, the tights and the jacket aren't the same shade of wine red...aaargh, why?! xD And I have to find a way to stuff the waistties underneath the jacket, but that shouldn't be a real problem.

What do you think? Are the coords okay? Or are they both awful? Should I wear something completely different??? Help please! D: ♥

Anyway, I'll worry about the accessories later and hope for nice weather on Saturday ^___^

Thanks for reading,

P.S.: I just realised, I already wore Milky Planet to the first "Royal Pony" xD 


  1. Also ich finde ja das zweite Outfit sehr schick :) Außerdem finde ich den Unterschied im weinrot da auch nicht so schlimm...bei der ersten Co-Ord find ich´den Unterschied da schon etwas zu dolle ^^"

  2. Ich finde das zweite auch richtig schön! :3

  3. Mir geht's genauso ^^ Das zweite ist sehr toll, und wenn du dich beim Milky Planet unwohl fühlst, dann ist die zweite Co-ord sicher besser xD

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  5. Danke euch dreien für eure Meinung, ihr helft mir schon um einiges weiter <3

  6. I wouldn't wear Milky Planet. You said you are afraid of being judged, so if that is something you are worried about I wouldn't wear it. You should feel comfortable it your clothes. I would save Milky Planet for another meetup, after you get to know the people better :3

    1. Thanks for your opinion :3 The meet up was today and I wore the second outfit :)