Samstag, 9. Februar 2013

Even Primark doesn't have it all

On Wednesday I visited Primark in Essen with two dear friends. My mission was to find a black dress, as I set it as a goal for this week and I neeeeed one! But Primark deeply disappointed me. On all six floors was no sign of a rather nice black dress which would have fitted my criteria. Except for one. I grabbed two different sizes and made my way to the nearest changing room, but one would have been enough. It was okay, but I didn't like the upper part, the neckline to be precise. And I wasn't willing to spend my money on something that is just okay....
But I bought something at Primark in the end. Though it isn't something you can wear, I'm quite happy with my find. It's just so cute :3

It's a savings box! And it was just 3,50€. And it looks like a cupcake. So who could have said "no" to that? Normally I don't like spending money on something which is meant to save your money, but I could not resist, it looks so much cuter than my old savings box (a painted cow) *___* Now I'll put the money for Japan into this little treasure.

Before we went home (I had uni till 5.30, so we didn't have that much time) we stopped at BoboQ and tried out the new sandwiches. They're quite good, but not worth the money. You pay around 4€ for them and I tried the only vegetarian one. It's filled with tofu, egg and vegetables.

That's also my bubble tea! Honeydew milk with strawberry bobas, mmh
Yesterday, Melli and I visited Melinda in Essen again. I'll tell you more about it in another post ;)

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  1. The savings box looks super-cute! *.* The sandwiches look good too, but I agree that 4€ is a bit too pricy, if you are not satisfied with them. I hope at least your bubble tea was good ^^

    1. Yes, my bubble tea was as fine as always, when I choose milk :3

  2. Die Spardose ist so süß.. ich "sammel" diese Muffin-Döschen sogar ein wenig und habe sie in der Küche auf der Fensterbank stehen.. nebenbei mag ich deinen Blog sehr gerne und habe dich daher für den Liebster Award nominiert:

    1. Ich finde solche Muffindosen auch immer total süß, aber bisher konnte ich mich immer zurückhalten :D Vielen Dank für die Nominierung *__*