Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

Never let me wait...

... at least not at a shopping mall. This could lead to buying things you don't need on my side.

Aaah,  but I'm happy with what I bought x3 Melli and I visited Melinda again on Friday for a little sleepover and we met at Limbecker Platz to get some food first. Because I went there straight after university and they had to get there from Melinda's flat, I arrived first and had to wait a while - their train didn't come, they say.
So I stood there, and because waiting is boring I decided to take a look at the nearest store, which happend to be SIX. Oh why do pastel colours have to be in this year? D: That's bad for my wallet! They had lots of awesome pastel stuff there and it somehow happened, that I bought a headband and some hairclips :D

Pastel crosses, yay *o* You can never have to much lavender or mint in your wardrobe/accessory box. They had cute handbags, too, with floral patterns, which would look great to Classic Lolita, in my opinion (I want one).

When my friends finally arrived, we bought food and drank bubble tea again. They had special bobas this day, which were blueberry and honeydew flavoured. I tried the honeydew ones, but both taste great, though they're softer than normal bobas. If BoboQ could fix that, they should definitely take them into their assortment.

At Melinda's we watched  the first season of Digimon, we started it back last summer, but we still have like 30 episodes left D: Which is partly a good thing, because I love Digimon's first season and it contains lot of childhood memories :')

Is there any series you can watch again after years and you still love it?

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  1. Echt schöne Sachen :) Besonders der Haarreif kommt auf meine "Einkaufsliste" xD

    Und Serien, die ich nach Jahren immer noch schauen kann *überlegt* Lady Oscar, Sailor Moon und Robin Hood <3 <3 <3

    1. Der ist echt toll ;3
      Ich muss unbedingt mal wieder Sailor Moon gucken xD

  2. Really cute things! I own a similar hairband in pink (^_^) The series I still love are Lady Oscar, Robin Hood, Georgie, Little Princess Sara and Nadia, Secret of Blue Water <3

    1. I have a pink one, too, from Bijou Brigitte :D
      And I just know very few from these series D:

  3. Antworten
    1. Das kommt jetzt aber überraschend :D