Montag, 12. August 2013


Hellooooo, yes, I'm still alive!
I knooooow, I've been a bad blogger lately, my last post was waaaay back, exactly 3 months!
How fast time goes by.... and I don't have a good apology besides "I'm lazy, uni, not that much happened and I didn't want to post shopping hauls only" and so on. Now my exams are almost over, my last one is going to take place this Wednesday. So I've got plenty of time again. I hope, I'll get back to posting more regularly again v___v  I'm really sorry D:

I'm not sure if I'll post all the entries I left behind, I wrote once what I intended to write about here (see, I've been lazy before!), but I know for sure that I'm gonna post the last London day.

This week will also be a good week for feeding my blog. After my exam on Wednesday I'm going to meet my dear friend Melinda and we'll go to a comic book store. On Friday I'm finally going to see Tabi again <3 And the Royal Pony meet-up takes place on Saturday ^___^
So there'll be much to look forward to!

See you later this week and sorry again ^__^'


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