Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2012

Abigala 2012

This Saturday it was the day of all days :D We got our final school reports and celebrated it with the Abigala!

At 3.30 p.m. we had to attend a special church service. Then we walked back to our school where we got our reports - after some loooong speeches -.-' Next to our school is the town hall, were the Abigala takes place every year. On Friday we had to build everything up and decorate it, from the stage to the tables - everything! Of course we had to tidy everything on Sunday, too... and only about 20 of 65 graduates showed up... but that was predictable ^__^'

The evening was really nice, but it went by so quickly! D: It seems so surreal, that I'll see all these people, with whom I went to school for years, with some even since my first school day, that I'll see all these people (or most of them) only on class reunions!
The programme wasn't that boring (thank god! :D), our big band played during the breaks, afterwards another band and finally a DJ. Yeah, and I danced! A really rare thing to do for me xD I'm still convinced, that I can't dance, but all the others were drunk, so they won't remember my dancing skills :D

Besides my parents and my sister, I took my best friend Laks and my friend Ramona with me. My family left at  1 o'clock, Ramona dropped Laks and me at home when the Abigala was over and he slept at my house - too drunk to drive home! xD

My father took some photos, too, but they're all kinda... ugly .___. Or I am at least. My I didn't had my photogenic day :D But I'll show you one or two nonetheless, because somehow I have to show you my outfit and I don't know, when I'll wear it again.

Before church with mum and my sister

 Me and Laks ♥

 The half person on the left is Ramona, the girl around my neck Michelle, Laks checking me out (at least it
looks like this xD) and in the back Kevin (also a friend and graduated last year, same as Laks)

Okay, that were three photos already xD If someone noticed, the bow of my dress wandered to my side with the time (in the beginning it was right in the front), but I noticed this only after some hours... on most pics I really have a derp face D: So no more pics xD My bangs look really ugh, too.. Gooosh why xD 
It was fun anyway and that is the most important thing! :3 

Quick outfit rundown:
Jsk, Socks - Moi même Moitié 
Bolero - Orsay
Headdress - L'âme Lazuli
Shoes - Montreal
Rest: Bijou Brigitte, Accessorize

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Freitag, 22. Juni 2012

Make up and bubble tea kit

Yesterday, two friends of mine, Melinda and Ramona, went to Geldern to buy the last accessories and make up for the Abigala tomorrow.
Afterwards, we went to Ramona and tried out the bubble tea kit she got for her birthday from some friends. You can make your own bubble tea with it and it comes with cups, straws, two different tea powders and tapioca pearls.
We cooked the tapioca pearls (which lasts an hour!), mixed the powder with water and added some ice as the instructions said. Melinda and I tried the taro flavour, Ramona didn't like it and made one with the other (which I forgot :D). The tapioca pearls tasted like the normal ones, but the tea was only okay. Ramona didn't liked it at all, Melinda and I were okay with the taro flavoured one. It's just, that you still recognize a powdery taste, it's kinda awkward. But the taro one is lavender coloured *__*

The tapioca pearls (I'm the only one, who likes them :D)

The lavender taro tea

Because Ramona doesn't like anything about the tea it was a gift fail for her. Sad, but now we can say, it isn't recommendable, if someone wants to make his/her own bubble tea :D

And this is what I bought in Geldern:

 Two bracelets from Bijou Brigitte, the black one is for the Abigaala, 
two eye shadow brushes,  fake lashes from p2 and some make up:
 p2 Colorfusion palette - 010 Something about orange!
alverde Camouflage - 001 Sand
Maybelline eyeshadow palette - 01 Vivid Pinks / Roses Magnétiques
p2 Brilliant Shine eye cream - 040 turbo turquoise

The ring belonged to Ramona, but she gave it to me, when I mentioned, I were looking for a black ring :) 

The pink eyeshadow palette isn't for the Abigala, but I was searching for pink eyeshadow for a long time and Ramona said these were good (Ramona knows about make up and stuff, I don't :D). We tried everything out at Ramona's, because she had to show me how to apply it all properly (I fail at make up), so I can do it on my own tomorrow. I never owned so much make up xD It's a shame...I hope, I will become better now :3

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Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012


Today, I challenged my luck once again, in desperate search of the right Demonia shoes for my Abigala outfit. But again, I failed =(

Instead, I found a few other things xD And because I passed my reexamination in biology with flying colours (I was way too good in my written exam (1-), differed therefore from my gained points (my mark, with which I went into the exam, was set as 3) too much and had to take an oral reexamination to verify the results. And I got a 1!!! *____*) my parents paid all the things, which was very kind of them♥ Thanks mum and dad! :3

They have a lot of things on sale at H&M at the moment, so take a look out!
 The dress and shorts are from H&M and were both on sale.
The dress was only 10€, the shorts 7€ :)
The bag and the umbrella are from SIX.

The "Tainted Love" t-shirt is also from H&M for the regular price of 9,95€.
The Avengers t-shirt is from a shop called Lindberg, which has a lot of cool stuff, but the brand
itself is called Logoshirt. They have many superhero t-shirts, but also other prints.

 Oh yeah, I forgot to mention it, I was in Essen at the mall "Limbecker Platz" again ;D And of course, I stopped at BoBoQ for some bubble tea :3 Finally, I tried the blueberry yoghurt one! Tastes so much like blueberries x3 

The cover's so cute ^3^

That's it!

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