Sonntag, 12. Mai 2013

4 Things Sunday #11

It's been one week again, iiieek!! The time went by so fast D: Probably because of the long weekend ;)
I accomplished all goals, except for the coord planning, but I have something in my mind. I'll throw the things together this week and take a closer look. Also the goal for Mother's and Father's Day presents was kinda... taken from me, because my sister just told me on Tuesday, that she had ordered a glossybox for our mum and my dad bought his present himself xD

The new goals are:

1. Plan the coords for Dokomi and Japantag properly
2. Enrol for this semester's exams
3. Finally post London Wednesday/Thursday which I totally forgot about D:
4. Finish "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall"

Those of you who go to Dokomi or Japantag, do you know what you're going to wear?

Thanks for reading,

Small H&M Haul

On Friday I went shopping with my dear friend Michelle in the Limbecker Platz in Essen, because she desperately needed some t-shirts. So I just intended to accompany her and buy nothing. I don't have that much money left for the rest of the month and I was on a big shopping tour the Saturday before, if you remember.

But Michelle insisted on me buying something and my weakness for stripes was showing again xD
At first I wanted to  buy a galaxy dress at New Yorker I had seen already on Saturday, but we didn't even got the chance to set foot into that shop, because we spent too much before :D
So I gave in at H&M, when I discovered some pieces I missed at the CentrO.

This lavender lace top was absolutely okay for 4,95€, I can wear it over tops and dresses. The worst happened when I saw a stripey dress for 19,95€ .__. The plan was to spent 20€ at the most. And when I say at the most I mean in total on the whole shopping day, including food. Maybe excluding bubble tea though^^

I bought it anyways, because I'm weak D: We ate Chinese afterwards and had a bubble tea, yummy grape green tea with mango bubbles :3 But the BoBoQ in Essen is closing at the end of May :( That's so sad, now we can only get one in Düsseldorf or Krefeld, meeh.

In the evening I went to see Iron Man 3 at the Cinemaxx in Krefeld with two other friends. It was so awesome!!! *___* One of the best movies this year! Very funny :3 Sadly they didn't have the Iron Man 3 menu with t-shirt and actionfigure anymore (phew, at least some money saved :D). Have you seen it already? What's your opinion? 

And have you bought something recently which you didn't want to buy in the first place / though you had promised yourself not to spend much that day?

Thanks for reading,

Bubble yoghurt & Pancake Drink + Info

Recently I tried some cool sounding food/drink and I wanted to share it with you :D

There is a new Müller yoghurt with popping bobas. Like the ones in bubble tea! And I love bubble tea <3 My mother also knows that and when she saw it at the store, she bought it for me ♥

It's called "bubble fun" and the bubble are apple-flavoured. The yoghurt is normal yoghurt as far as I was able to tell and sadly it's not as good as it could have been :( It's just okay, I'd say.... it tastes a bit artificial and just applelike.

That's how the bubbles look like on top of the yoghurt

ller also came up with a new limited edition of there milk: Pancake with maple syrup!
It tasted really like pancake dough, in my opinion, with a note of sweet maple syrup! I don't know if they still have it in stores though... 

I just use the opportunity now to tell you some stuff. Next week is the Dokomi and I'll be there on Saturday and Sunday. But I still don't know what I'm gonna wear. I really hope that my Bodyline stuff will arrive beforehand. I took part in a group order and the order was given up almost 2 weeks ago, but I have doubts it will arrive. 2 wigs, a pair of shoes and 2 pairs of ankle socks are in the package and I neeeeed those new wigs. Maybe I'm wearing my Moitié dress on one day, but the other day - no clue! 
The weekend after is the Japantag, also in Düsseldorf, and I finally want to wear Sweets Dessert for that occasion. It has been hanging in my wardrobe for half a year now, I guess? And for that I reaaaally want one of the new wigs >__<
So maybe I'll see some of you there?
And someone's selling one of my dreamdresses in my dreamcolour at Dunkelsüss right now D: If I had only 400€, Memorial Cake in sax would be mine >___< Some day....
Thanks for reading,

Sonntag, 5. Mai 2013

CentrO Shopping

My parents and I went to CentrO Oberhausen yesterday. Actually, they wanted to buy a new jacket for me, but of course that's not what we left the CentrO with. Or we bought a jacket and 2039812741 additional things xD

That's the jacket we bought at Orsay, I really like the flounce at one side of the collar, and I think the jacket is cute and elegant at the same time. I also got some tops and a cardigan from Orsay. Recently I cleaned out my closet and threw out many of my tops, so I needed some new ones, otherwise I get the feeling, I've got nothing to wear :D But who doesn't know that feel, no matter how much clothing they own?

 A top with cute dots at the top and a cardigan with lace
 Flouncy pink and studded black with a tail(?)

At Bijou Brigitte I bought myself a pretty bracelet of roses and pearls

 Stripes are awesome, so I couldn't resist Pimkie's black x white striped shorts! And that Galaxy top at Ann Christine found its way into my wardrobe, too. I really like, that the back isn't just plain black, but has many triangle cut outs.

For the night, I bought some cute lace shorts at New Yorker and two simple tops to match. I need more cute pyjamas :3 The shorts were also available in pink, white and black.

The next stop was H&M, where I found a pair of cute hair clips, shoes in lace optics and another top (winged skeletons \(*o*\)) 

And more shoes! At the moment, they have so many cute ballerinas at Deichmann, so I got a black and a beige pair with flowers at the front.

I got so many things, lucky me! :3 Now the warm weather can finally stay ^___^

Thanks for reading,