Montag, 3. Dezember 2012

International Lolita Day

Happy belated International Lolita Day to everyone!

I spent the day with my friend Tabea. On Friday, I took the train right after university, because we had a little sleepover. Of course I chose the outfit for which I need the most pieces of clothing, so I had to carry a huge bag to university and my stuff bulged out :D It was kinda heavy...

At Tabea's house, I played Guitar Hero for the first time and I played the bass. It was fun, but I'm a bad player, even in easy mode xD

On Saturday, we took some photos in her garden first and drove to Düsseldorf later, where we ate onigiri (seaweed and sesame *__*) and drank some bubble tea. The hot coconut chocolate is so delicious <3 Tabea picked hot gingerbread soy milk, which tasted quite yummy, too.

Mine's left, Tabea's on the right 


Tabea looked so adorable in her new coat from Rose Melody ^__^ I wore my old AP Jumperskirt, my coat is from Bodyline and pretty much everything else is offbrand. I wanted to keep it casual, I wasn't in the mood for my giant matching headbow :'D
Oh yeah, and it was so coooold D: 

How did you spend the International Lolita Day? Did you freeze your frills off to get some nice photos? :) 

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Dienstag, 14. August 2012

Btssb Heart Pochette

Oh my god, how could I forget to post about that? o__O
I've told you, that I won Harlyharlekin's giveaway, but I failed to tell you, that my prize already arrived last Thursday!! *O*

The Btssb Heart Pochette is so cute and now claims the title "Smallest bag in my possession" :D
It's really small, there's only space for my mobile phone and some money (without purse), I guess. I hope, I can bring it in a coord soon.

It came in the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright / Alice and the Pirates bag, I'll keep it. The handle has to straighten a bit, so I hung it on my door.

Inside was Harlyharlekin's card, she's so pretty♥ Thanks for the great prize again! ^___^

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Freitag, 10. August 2012

Floriade 2012 in Venlo *photo-heavy*

Last Saturday my parents, my sister and I visited the Floriade 2012 in Venlo. But only from 5 to 8 o'clock, because the entrance is cheaper after 5 p.m. This way, we only saw not even 1/3 of the area. We already decided, that we have to  go there again, maybe even with a 2-days-ticket and earlier :)

From our decision you may be able to tell, that the Floriade is really worth a visit ^__^  Or, in this case, even more than one...

 The bridge from the cashpoint to the Floriade grounds

There are different districts and so many beautiful flowers, it's amazing *__* We were all very thrilled about it. Of course, I had to adjust my outfit to the location:

My dad couldn't believe, how people stare at you, just because you're wearing a fluffy skirt... people.
There are also gardens and houses of different countries and in some of them, they were really excited about my look xD So, if you're visiting the Floriade in lolita, make sure, you stop at the houses of Spain, Sudan and Sri Lanka :D A woman at the Sudan house asked me, if my dress was for dancing and wanted to touch my poofy skirt, the women at Spain just smiled and talked a lot in Spanish, so I just understood the word 'Harajuku' and a woman from Sri Lanka said, I'd look very beautiful, like a doll ♥
 That made me very happy :)

Now, I better let the photos speak for themselves:

 I want to take a ride with the cable car - but a single ride costs 6€ oO

 Huge stork's nest on the left


 Indonesia - they copied  the traditional houses from the different islands

 A mini version of a famous temple complex

 The Floriade theatre - concerts take place on several days



Another thing well worth seeing was the film shown at the "Earth Walk". It was only 5 minutes long, but it was shown in the floor and it made you feel like you were flying over the landscape in an airship *___* 

Visit the Floriade 2012 in Venlo! I definitely recommend that!

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Montag, 6. August 2012

Millingen tea house

Now some catching up with the recent events.
Somehow I have the feeling, that I spent most time of the weekend in the Netherlands xD

On Friday morning, my parents drove with me to Millingen, where a tea house is located, set up in an Asian inspired garden. The "bad" thing was, that you couldn't drive up to it, we had to park at a parking lot and then walk 2 km through the pampas :D It was really warm and there was a lot of beautiful nature around :)
And there were quite a few cowpats, but we didn't see any cows running around ^__^

My mum claimed, that it was more than 2 km to walk, but my dad and I don't believe her :D
The tea house was quite expensive, you had to pay 5 euro for entrance and we paid 27 euros for some buns with cream cheese, cola and a coffee. Yeah, shame on me, I drank cola at a tea house.. v___v  But it was too damn hot! No hot tea for me with these temperatures.

Inside the house
The house lies in a big garden,  with many different corners. There's a terrace with low sofas, little fountains, a big lawn with tables, a small bamboo forest and many flowerbeds. It's really beautiful, but I was also a bit disappointed, because my mother told me before, that it was supposed to be a Japanese tea house and I expected something different. 

You can see a tiny glimpse of my alpine green hair at the back of my head xD

The way back was much worse :D Additional to the heat there were many gadflys now D: 
The flew around us and I still have a sting at the back of my left thigh... they made it through my tights! It's so itchy from time to time... but still it was a nice walk through the nature!

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Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

Flower girl

Yesterday, I met Tabea and Bibi in Duisburg :)
We just strolled a bit through the city, went to some shops and yeah... it was really  hot xD
So in the morning I had the big problem of what to wear and went on the search for the lightest clothes possible with lolita in my wardrobe xD

In the end, I came up with a flowery casual outfit, which was the best choice for the hot weather, I think :)

Just got home

I had my camera with me, but I took no photos D: But Tabi did... a lot xD Well, she has a good cam, so it's no problem for her :) But this way, I don't have a pic of her and Bibi .___. They both looked adorable, Bibi was wearing the Pocket Embroidery Jsk by Btssb in pink and Tabi had borrowed Bibi's Sweets Dessert OP by Angelic Pretty in pink/sax ♥

At the train station, I bought a necklace at SIX, but I don't have a picture yet. 

Nothing more to tell,

Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012

Berlin - Day 4

On Day 4 we took the train to Potsdam and visited the castle Sanssouci. So here are some photoooos:

The ceiling in this room was the best! It was so detailed and very vivid! Can you see the spiders in their net?

 The rooms were so beautiful, I wish, I could live there :3 Unfortunately, some pieces of furniture weren't present, because they were displayed on an exhibition, but anyway. And the gardens are huuuuge, I bet they never found one if they were looking for somebody back then. Great for hide-and-seek! xD

Maybe you can tell from the photos, the weather wasn't too great on that day. It was still warm, but when we walked into the city to find a place for lunch after visiting Sanssouci, it took the sky only minutes to pour every single drop onto us it held back all the days before! We took shelter in a small passage for nearly an hour before we could take up our search for a restaurant without getting soaked through in a sec! We got pretty wet though and it was thundering, too!

Due to the bad weather, we decided to take the train back to Berlin again (some of the trams in Potsdam weren't running because of flooding oO) and at the time we came back, it wasn't worthwhile to do something in the city, so we went back to our camping place. And it rained and rained and rained and rai-.... all day long!

So that was our last day in Berlin! And there's still so much left to see! As you can see, we went there mainly for culture, so no shopping, but maybe I'll get my chance next time ;) It was an amazing trip nonetheless!

There was only one point, I wasn't very happy about: It was way too hot for lolita! At least for me. I melted away in my "normal" clothes already. I deliberately had taken one of my dresses, shoes, matching accessoires and my petticoat with me - all in vain! At least I didn't carry out my first plan and just took lolita clothing only with me! That would have been my death xD Maybe the weather will be a bit more lolita-friendly on our next visit ^____^

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Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012

Berlin - Day 3

Friday didn't start too well, because my dad felt sick :( It didn't seem to get better, so my mum and I went out alone. We decided to do something I wanted to do, visiting the German Historical Museum with the exhibition "Fashioning Fashion: European Dress in Detail 1700-1915" *_______*
Not that interesting for men anyways xD

Since we came to Berlin, I saw the posters advertising the exhibition everywhere and it was clear for me, that I had to see it from the start! Sadly, for the exhibition itself taking photos wasn't allowed .__. There were so many pretty dresses and also suits for men! Really inspiring, also lolitawise♥
I wish, I could show youuuu~ But maybe you have the chance to visit the exhibition, too? Or have been there already? I want to hear your impressions :3

As the exhibition was placed in the basement and my mum and I got a bit lost, we started our tour through the museum at the first floor and the exhibition had somehow somewhat to do with the "Fashioning Fashion" one, at least there were some points with small panels, which described fashion-related topics and at least some dresses, you were allowed to photograph.


The atrium of the German Historical Museum (mum taking a photo of me taking photos xD)

A case with a tea set
A page from a dressing book
Haaah, myself in the mirror <___<
I'd like to drive in a car like that at least once :D
 For the sailors of us ;)

The dresses in the "real" exhibition are a hundred times more beautiful and opulent, it's really worth a visit!

My mum and I spent a long time there and when we came out, it was time for lunch, I got a bubble tea and my dad joined us, as he felt better after taking a long nap :) We took a sightseeing tour by bus and went to the KaDeWe, the "Kaufhaus des Westens" ("Department store of the West"), the most famous department store of Berlin! Like a tourist ;)  

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