Montag, 3. Dezember 2012

International Lolita Day

Happy belated International Lolita Day to everyone!

I spent the day with my friend Tabea. On Friday, I took the train right after university, because we had a little sleepover. Of course I chose the outfit for which I need the most pieces of clothing, so I had to carry a huge bag to university and my stuff bulged out :D It was kinda heavy...

At Tabea's house, I played Guitar Hero for the first time and I played the bass. It was fun, but I'm a bad player, even in easy mode xD

On Saturday, we took some photos in her garden first and drove to Düsseldorf later, where we ate onigiri (seaweed and sesame *__*) and drank some bubble tea. The hot coconut chocolate is so delicious <3 Tabea picked hot gingerbread soy milk, which tasted quite yummy, too.

Mine's left, Tabea's on the right 


Tabea looked so adorable in her new coat from Rose Melody ^__^ I wore my old AP Jumperskirt, my coat is from Bodyline and pretty much everything else is offbrand. I wanted to keep it casual, I wasn't in the mood for my giant matching headbow :'D
Oh yeah, and it was so coooold D: 

How did you spend the International Lolita Day? Did you freeze your frills off to get some nice photos? :) 

Thanks for reading,

Sonntag, 25. November 2012

Centro Shopping Haul

Friday a week ago I had no university, so my parents took me to the CentrO to do some shopping. I needed more pullovers for winter, but that's not all that I got. Surprisingly, I bought no accessories for once :D

Here are my findings, sorted by shops, where I bought them (and please excuse the bad light, it gets dark so early in winter and the artificial light always falsifies the colours a bit):

A cute light pink coat  with ruffles, a lavender bolero with fake fur and lavender tights from Orsay. Go there, maybe they still offer discounts (got 30% off for the coat)!

Pyjamas and a thick scarf from H&M. They disappointed me with their pullovers, I found nothing pretty D:

Finally found three pullovers at Pimkie! I simply love the pastel striped one, but it already has a hole, I don't know how this could happen :( There was 30% discount on every single pullover!

Cross leggings and a studded cross top from Ann Christine! The studs are not simply glued on, they're pierced through the fabric and it makes the top quite heavy. It gets pretty cold on your skin, too :D

I think, the items from Ann Christine are my most favourite of this shopping tour, they're so cool, haha.

Thanks for reading,

Sonntag, 18. November 2012

Tredy Thursday

I hadn't planned to go anywhere after University on Thursday, but my mum had to do some things in town and I accompanied her, so she hadn't to go alone. In our town, there are very few stores and none which I would consider worth visiting, except for Tredy. I didn't own anything by them, my mum has a lot of things from there (and I borrow one or two things from her sometimes). Often I find their stuff weird or not my style, but they have some cute things with lace and frills, too, or clothes which have a nostalgic touch.

And lucky as we are, they had a discount offer, "Take three pieces and get 30% on everything". Now I have a cute red jacket, which may look cute with a black skirt, and a teal coat (the kind you wear instead of a pullover, not an overcoat for cold weather).

The coat has  many different buttons and a nice little pendant at the back. All these details *___* And in one of my favourite colours :)

I love the lace at the back and at the hemline ♥

That's all for today and thanks for reading,

Montag, 12. November 2012

Yukon 2012

This Saturday it was convention time again! Finally a chance to wear lolita again :3

At 10.04 a.m. I took the train to Solingen and met two friends in the train. The one and a half hour ride was much better with some company :) Both of them regretted to haven't cosplayed that day, because there were more cosplayers than expected and they felt a little awkward in normal clothes :D As I said, I went there in lolita, gothic lolita to be specific. But there were only a few other lolitas, my friend Yuki included :3
We took photos together, shortly before I left the con with my friends.

I think, Yuki looks totally adorable in her Angelic Pretty dress *___* You can read more about her day at the con (and she spent much more time there, than I did) on her blog. I hadn't seen her for quite a while, so I was happy to meet her again :3

My outfit rundown:
Dress, blouse, socks - Moi même moitié
Headdress - L'âme Lazuli
Shoes - Montreal
Rest - offbrand

The convention was visited by much more people than even the orga had anticipated, so it was pretty full. ApplewarPictures, some popular German youtubers, were there, too. I think, it was really cool, though I don't have the heart to talk to people like them really much, because there are so many others, who want photos and autographs, and I don't want to disturb them any further from enjoying the con. But they are so friendly! And I got a picture with Chan nonetheless :D It's very blurry, my cam sucked that day.

There's not that much to tell, we looked at all the booths, but I didn't buy anything, and my feet started to hurt very soon, because of my shoes. After we left the con, we drove to Düsseldorf, drank some bubble tea and took the train home. 

Next year, I'll be at the Yukon again, with more comfortable shoes! 

Thanks for reading,

Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012

New dress ♥

University is a bit time consuming, I had to realize! This is my first real week there, but I have the feeling, going there and back by train takes most of the time :D
I hope, I learn Japanese quickly, all these kanji, katakana and hiragana can be difficult to keep in mind.

Last week, I bought Angelic Pretty's Sweets Dessert OP from my friend Bibi (her tumblr :3), she sent it on Monday and it already arrived on Tuesday - what a surprise! It's so pretty and even goes down to my knees, yay!
It's the pink/sax colour way, one of my favourites (I also like the mint/pink and lavender/pink ones).

Excuse my hamster face, I just tried it on right after I came home from university :D So I look a bit crinkled, just like the dress. It appeared to me, that I have no matching headdress, so I have to improvise or buy one. Or make one on my own. Anyway, I hope, there'll be a proper coord with Sweets Dessert soon :)

Thanks for reading,

Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012

New Wardrobe

Yay, finally, I have a new wardrobe! With much more space for my dresses and all other clothes, which require some hanging space. The clothes rail is now more than double the length it had before! *o*

It's from Ikea and originally I wanted the version with glass doors, but they don't sell it anymore. No Ikea store near my place had it in stock, we even drove to Eindhoven,  but no. There, they told us, the production got stopped .___. So I decided to get the version with solid doors... better than nothing.

It is a nice wardrobe anyway :)

The only thing, which has to hang outside the wardrobe now, is my petticoat, because I don't want it to get smashed flat inside :)

Thanks for reading,

Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012

Sad Saturday

My little date with Tabi last Saturday cracked! D: Due to the bad weather, we decided to postpone it (to Wednesday, but because university started for me this week I couldn't make it -.-), so maybe, maybe we will meet next weekend.

Nevertheless, I was already half way done dressing up, when we made the decision, so I thought, "Hey, why not finish and wear lolita, even though you have nothing to do"! This way, I'm able to show you at least my planned coord.

My plan was to coordinate Milky Planet in a rather unsweet style, so I added my bat bag, fake leather jacket, Montreal shoes and some cross accessories (a ring and necklaces) to the outfit. I'm pretty pleased with the allover look :3 I really hope, I can wear it out some day ^-^

Do you like combining pieces of one style with the ones from another? 

Thanks for reading,

Freitag, 5. Oktober 2012


Waiting was today's motto.

My mum went to the hairdresser to get her hair dyed and cut and I thought, I'd go with her, because my bangs were far too long. Unfortunately, one of the hairdressers is ill, so there were only two others and everyone seemed to want to get their hair dyed today.
We sat there and waited...and waited...and waited. After two hours it finally was my mums turn and I got my bangs cut soon after. Two and a half hours of waiting for one minute of hair cutting! D:

Mum and I decided, that we never had waited so long at a hairdresser before.

Afterwards, my mum wanted to take a look at C&A. They have 20% off on everything! So it happened, that we bought quite a few things...

The two long sleeves incorporate three things I like: they're black, they have lace and studs <3
The will match both my dark green and my grey-black striped pants. So does the pullover with the white crosses and the green scarf. I don't own white leg warmers, but I thought, I needed a pair. As for the bracelet - I simply couldn't resist... half of it is made from black beads, the rest are little pendants: the Eiffel tower, a pink bow, a cameo of a rose, a peace sign and some pearls.

Tomorrow, I'll meet up with Tabea ♥ I'm so much looking forward to this, I haven't seen her for quite some time and I'm going to wear lolita again, yay! :3 Düsseldorf, we're coming!

Thanks for reading,

Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2012

Alpine green

Last Sunday, Melli and I visited Melinda in Essen. We went to the Limbecker Platz and Primark, because they were open for business. But I didn't bought anything, so here's just a picture of my bubble tea :D

Hibiscus milk with mango bobas :3
And I want to show you a photo from the back of my head, because my mum dyed my hair again yesterday. I think, Alpine Green will always be my favourite colour *O*
Sorry for unstraightened hair! Looks a bit messy.
What is your favourite colour, when you dye your hair? 
Thanks for reading,

Samstag, 29. September 2012

The lost coin

Today, I decided against taking part in the Sweet Harajuku Day in Düsseldorf and went shopping with two of my best friends, Melli and Michelle, in Krefeld. I see them so rarely, at least Michelle, now after our shared school time is over. Michelle's busy with her apprenticeship, Melanie's studies have already begun and I'm the only lucky one, who still has some time left until university starts. So I felt more like spending time with my dear friends ♥

At the parking deck, something unfortunate happened... the park coin fell into the handbrake and we couldn't reach it anymore! So we had to pay 28€ for a whole parking day and as deposit, damn!
We didn't have that much time, because Melli had to be at home at 6 o'clock and Michelle made an appointment with someone else tonight. Therefore, we kinda rushed through the shops...

At New Yorker, I bought a thick, black scarf, which I already wanted to buy last time, when I was in Krefeld with Melli, and I also looked for the black-grey striped pants, but no chance! They were no longer to be found and I even asked the cashier, who said they didn't have them anymore! T___T

After this disappointment, Michelle and I drank some bubble tea (Honeydew *___* One of my favourite flavours <3). Our next stop was Bijou Brigitte and I recommend everyone to pay it a visit soon! They have so many cute stuff at the moment! I could have bought at least 10 necklaces, restricted them to 3 in the end :D I got 2€ off of one, because the rabbit falls into two pieces all the time D: Michelle bought some earrings and an adorable bracelet with owls :3

At Thalia, I bought two Naruto volumes from my "Still missing"-list and volumes 4 & 5 of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, I watched the anime, so that it should be no problem, that I didn't read the three previous ones.

In the end, we went back to New Yorker, Michelle purchased a watch there, when Melli suddenly saw the pants I longed for! A single pair was hanging around and it was even the right size - lucky me! *O*
I grabbed it and ran to the counter. When I returned, happy with my purchase, I saw another pair in a bigger size, too!
Now I wonder where they came from... magic!

Dienstag, 18. September 2012


Yeah, another post... And yep, I was lucky, found some mini samosas in the fridge :)

Ready for going outside:

Cardigan: H&M
Shoes: Montreal

Took our dog for a walk. No, you're not overdressed when you go out like that for a 5-minutes-walk. You're never overdressed. I do what I want!
Oww, boredom got back on me D: Maybe I'll doodle some more LoL characters...
Thanks for reading,

A frilly chilly day

I haven't worn lolita for a while and that kinda bothers me. So I simply declared today as my dress-up day :D
I'm alone, I have nothing to do, so I can just as well sit here in my frills and look pretty while hanging around xD
Of course, I just went for a casual look, I won't use my best dress and cover myself in accessories, when I'm just surfing on the internet, playing LoL and take our dog for a walk.

My current facebook profile pic


I'm wearing the light blue tights I bought at Orsay on Friay
 Jsk, Wig: Bodyline
Hairclips, Headband: H&M
  Tights: Orsay
Bracelet: Primark
Necklace: gift
T-shirt: can't remember

Here's a chibi Varus I doodled yesterday, LoL players will know him (is there anyone who plays League of Legends among my followers?) :D

And now I'll go and take a look into the fridge, if it's so kind to provide me with some food I like :) 

Thanks for reading,

Sonntag, 26. August 2012

2 goods counterbalance 1 bad

Yeah, I really couldn't go to the Ancient Rose meet-up in Essen today, uhm *looks at watch*, yesterday, but I was still so exhausted from Friday anyway. My friend Melinda asked Melli and me to help her paint some walls in her first flat and of course we did and it was fun, nonetheless :) But it took us all day and we were really worn out after all the hard work (I swear, the purple paint for the living room fought back!) and I was at home at 3 o'clock in the morning!

And today, err, yesterday, two great news reached me when I woke up:

1. My laptop arrived! Because I'll be going to university soon, I need my own (yeah, I didn't even have an own computer until now and always had to chase my dad off "his" (he left voluntarily, most of the time)) and here it is! I still have to put all my photos, music, etc. on it,.... It's a Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-2TQ.

2. My parents finished rearranging our guest room to a sewing room while I was painting in Essen! Yay, now I'm able to sew even if it's 30°C outside and I don't have to go up the stairs, so lazy me will hopefully sew more often again in the future! ^___^" 

So, two good things make up for one bad thing, kinda ^w^ On Monday, I'm going to enlist for the University Duisburg-Essen.... hope, it's the right thing to do!

Thanks for reading,

Mittwoch, 22. August 2012


Nothing to post about.... so I just post random stuff :D

Today, my parents and I went to Ikea. I'm going to get a new wardrobe, because my old one has a quite small clothes rail and I need a bigger one for all my dresses, blouses etc. But we'll buy it in a few weeks, because my dad had an operation and can't build it up, so we'll get it when he's completely fine again :)

Besides that, we bought a desk for our guest room. My mum and I want to make a sewing room out of it, so the old bed in it will be exchanged for the desk, dressers and a shelf ^____^ I'm really happy about that, because my sewing machine and "working place" was in the attic and you can't go up there in summer, it simply gets too hot in there D: So I can finally start making the skirts, I bought the fabric for, yay!

I wore a pair of the new tights from Venlo today, too, they're beautiful, I really like the pattern!

Playing Animal Crossing on my DS, oh yeah xD 
The last time in Venlo I also got some cool, spiky boots! They're made from fake leather, I think the store is called Tobakko, they usually have cheap shoes and there are even two shops on the same street in Venlo.

Random outfit:


And two frustration points:
- my bangs are too long (really annoying), time to pay the hairdresser another visit
- I probably can't go to the next meet-up! I already missed the Royal Pony 2 two weeks ago, because I had to drive my mum around, and this Saturday is the Ancient Rose, but I think I won't be able to go there, either -.- Raah, rage-mode!!! 

So, that's really getting me down .__. Hope, I can go to the next meet :)

Yep, that's what I do, when I'm bored, posting random things on my blog :D 

Thanks for reading, 

Dienstag, 14. August 2012

Btssb Heart Pochette

Oh my god, how could I forget to post about that? o__O
I've told you, that I won Harlyharlekin's giveaway, but I failed to tell you, that my prize already arrived last Thursday!! *O*

The Btssb Heart Pochette is so cute and now claims the title "Smallest bag in my possession" :D
It's really small, there's only space for my mobile phone and some money (without purse), I guess. I hope, I can bring it in a coord soon.

It came in the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright / Alice and the Pirates bag, I'll keep it. The handle has to straighten a bit, so I hung it on my door.

Inside was Harlyharlekin's card, she's so pretty♥ Thanks for the great prize again! ^___^

Thanks for reading,

Freitag, 10. August 2012

Floriade 2012 in Venlo *photo-heavy*

Last Saturday my parents, my sister and I visited the Floriade 2012 in Venlo. But only from 5 to 8 o'clock, because the entrance is cheaper after 5 p.m. This way, we only saw not even 1/3 of the area. We already decided, that we have to  go there again, maybe even with a 2-days-ticket and earlier :)

From our decision you may be able to tell, that the Floriade is really worth a visit ^__^  Or, in this case, even more than one...

 The bridge from the cashpoint to the Floriade grounds

There are different districts and so many beautiful flowers, it's amazing *__* We were all very thrilled about it. Of course, I had to adjust my outfit to the location:

My dad couldn't believe, how people stare at you, just because you're wearing a fluffy skirt... people.
There are also gardens and houses of different countries and in some of them, they were really excited about my look xD So, if you're visiting the Floriade in lolita, make sure, you stop at the houses of Spain, Sudan and Sri Lanka :D A woman at the Sudan house asked me, if my dress was for dancing and wanted to touch my poofy skirt, the women at Spain just smiled and talked a lot in Spanish, so I just understood the word 'Harajuku' and a woman from Sri Lanka said, I'd look very beautiful, like a doll ♥
 That made me very happy :)

Now, I better let the photos speak for themselves:

 I want to take a ride with the cable car - but a single ride costs 6€ oO

 Huge stork's nest on the left


 Indonesia - they copied  the traditional houses from the different islands

 A mini version of a famous temple complex

 The Floriade theatre - concerts take place on several days



Another thing well worth seeing was the film shown at the "Earth Walk". It was only 5 minutes long, but it was shown in the floor and it made you feel like you were flying over the landscape in an airship *___* 

Visit the Floriade 2012 in Venlo! I definitely recommend that!

Thanks for reading,