Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012

Berlin - Day 3

Friday didn't start too well, because my dad felt sick :( It didn't seem to get better, so my mum and I went out alone. We decided to do something I wanted to do, visiting the German Historical Museum with the exhibition "Fashioning Fashion: European Dress in Detail 1700-1915" *_______*
Not that interesting for men anyways xD

Since we came to Berlin, I saw the posters advertising the exhibition everywhere and it was clear for me, that I had to see it from the start! Sadly, for the exhibition itself taking photos wasn't allowed .__. There were so many pretty dresses and also suits for men! Really inspiring, also lolitawise♥
I wish, I could show youuuu~ But maybe you have the chance to visit the exhibition, too? Or have been there already? I want to hear your impressions :3

As the exhibition was placed in the basement and my mum and I got a bit lost, we started our tour through the museum at the first floor and the exhibition had somehow somewhat to do with the "Fashioning Fashion" one, at least there were some points with small panels, which described fashion-related topics and at least some dresses, you were allowed to photograph.


The atrium of the German Historical Museum (mum taking a photo of me taking photos xD)

A case with a tea set
A page from a dressing book
Haaah, myself in the mirror <___<
I'd like to drive in a car like that at least once :D
 For the sailors of us ;)

The dresses in the "real" exhibition are a hundred times more beautiful and opulent, it's really worth a visit!

My mum and I spent a long time there and when we came out, it was time for lunch, I got a bubble tea and my dad joined us, as he felt better after taking a long nap :) We took a sightseeing tour by bus and went to the KaDeWe, the "Kaufhaus des Westens" ("Department store of the West"), the most famous department store of Berlin! Like a tourist ;)  

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  1. Du weißt nicht zufällig wie lang die Ausstellung noch ist? *w* Schaut wirklich super interessant aus!

    1. Doch, leider nur noch bis nächsten Sonntag, den 29. Juli :( Die ist auch echt toll :3