Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012

Berlin - Day 4

On Day 4 we took the train to Potsdam and visited the castle Sanssouci. So here are some photoooos:

The ceiling in this room was the best! It was so detailed and very vivid! Can you see the spiders in their net?

 The rooms were so beautiful, I wish, I could live there :3 Unfortunately, some pieces of furniture weren't present, because they were displayed on an exhibition, but anyway. And the gardens are huuuuge, I bet they never found one if they were looking for somebody back then. Great for hide-and-seek! xD

Maybe you can tell from the photos, the weather wasn't too great on that day. It was still warm, but when we walked into the city to find a place for lunch after visiting Sanssouci, it took the sky only minutes to pour every single drop onto us it held back all the days before! We took shelter in a small passage for nearly an hour before we could take up our search for a restaurant without getting soaked through in a sec! We got pretty wet though and it was thundering, too!

Due to the bad weather, we decided to take the train back to Berlin again (some of the trams in Potsdam weren't running because of flooding oO) and at the time we came back, it wasn't worthwhile to do something in the city, so we went back to our camping place. And it rained and rained and rained and rai-.... all day long!

So that was our last day in Berlin! And there's still so much left to see! As you can see, we went there mainly for culture, so no shopping, but maybe I'll get my chance next time ;) It was an amazing trip nonetheless!

There was only one point, I wasn't very happy about: It was way too hot for lolita! At least for me. I melted away in my "normal" clothes already. I deliberately had taken one of my dresses, shoes, matching accessoires and my petticoat with me - all in vain! At least I didn't carry out my first plan and just took lolita clothing only with me! That would have been my death xD Maybe the weather will be a bit more lolita-friendly on our next visit ^____^

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  1. das wäre perfekt für lolita *w* superschön!
    verdammte hitze xD

    1. Jaaa, ich war auch ganz traurig D: Nächstes mal nehm ich wirklich nur Lolitasachen mit, egal wie das Wetter ist, so! xD