Dienstag, 3. September 2013

2x Liebster Award

I got tagged! Satoyumé and Yuuko-Amaya nominated me for it and I say thank yoooouuuuu! ♥
I answered some of these already, but here are the rules:

  • Write 11 random facts about you
  • Answer the 11 questions you got asked by the person that tagged you
  • Tag 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and link them
  • Ask the bloggers you tagged 11 questions
 I'll ignore the last two points as always, because I won't find enough blogs which qualify and it will go in circles and circles and circ-... endlessly!

Random Facts
  1. I started reading comics recently
  2. I think Deadpool's hilarious
  3. I discovered Caramel Corn as one of my new favourite snacks this week
  4. Supernatural is my favourite series right now♥
  5. I want the anti-possession-tattoo *-*
  6. There are at least 5 pairs of unworn tights or overknees on my shelf, I just have too many and never the right outfit D:
  7. I watched Iron Man 2 before Iron Man
  8. Lately I've been Tumblr-addicted :D
  9. I ship Sulu/Chekov
  10. I haven't bought anything lolita in months .___.
  11. I need to wear more lolita! >___<
1. What is your favourite candy?
     I think it's Toffifee.
2. What do you think about "Hello Kitty"?
    It's cute, I don't  have a special opinion about it^^
3. What is/what was your favourite subject in school and why?
   Art. You could express yourself somewhat and I like drawing.
4. CDs or MP3s? Why?
    MP3s I'd say, because it's easier to have everything on your Ipod. I buy my favourite artists' CDs though.
5. Do you play an instrument? Which one do you play?
    None. Three notes on a flute rarely count.
6. Do you believe there is a parallel universe (Schrödinger's cat)?
   Not really.... I don't think much about parallel universes, it's enough for me to have plenty in my mind.
7. What do you think about Louis Vuitton?
8. Do you have a little quirk? What is it? (You don't have to answer if it's too personal)
    Lately, sometimes I clear my throat when I don't really have to... I just feel the urge to do it and I feel uncomfortable if I put it off for long.
9. Meow?
10. Headphones or earplugs?
     I have only earplugs, but I want some cool headphones someday ^__^
11. What do you think when you look in the sky/at the stars/the clouds?
     That's really depending on my mood and maybe what I've been thinking about previously. Could be anything from, "Why do I feel so lonely?", over, "I wish Starfleet would exist, I'll be your Chekov", to "I wish I could fly" and many more ^w^ "Is there life somewhere out there?" Come around and take me with you! :D

1. What's your favourite brand and why?
    For my everyday clothes I don't have a special brand I like to wear, so I'll apply it to lolita: Moitié, because I like the elegant, gothy look. For Sweet Lolita it's Angelic Pretty, because I love their cute prints and pastel colours. 
2. Which season do you prefer?
    Winter is my favourite season! When the sun is shining the cold's not so bad and snow makes everything prettier *__*
3. Do you have a big dream you want to fulfil?
    Going to Japan, Tokyo preferably, and starting my own fashion label.
4. Have you ever thought about becoming a vegetarian?
    I am a vegetarian, so yes.
5. Which music do you like to hear best?
    Emilie Autumn, Versailles and Making April.
6. What's your favourite dish?
    I don't really have one since I became a vegetarian... 
7. What's your best character trait?
   Uhm, I don't know... I'm not good with those things xD Maybe modesty?
8. What's your worst character trait?
    Haha, probably my jealousy, when it comes to close friends. Nobody take them away from me! xD
9. If you could be one day whoever you want to be, who would you be :D? 
    Tough one. One of the twins probably, so Sakon or Ukon.
10. What do you like to do best in your free time?
    Currently, nurturing my Tumblr-addiction. Otherwise, reading, meeting my friends, watching my favourite series, playing Sims 2.
11. Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother?
   Big Bang Theory, one of my favourite series. I don't watch How I Met Your Mother usually.

Sooo, that's it :) Thanks again for tagging me ^___^♥
I hope you enjoyed reading my answers in some way.

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Montag, 26. August 2013

Royal Pony 6 "Flower Princesses"

The sixth Royal Pony meet-up took place at Castle Benrath in Düsseldorf on last week's Saturday. We were very lucky with the weather, sunny and warm, and a baroque festival was held at the same weekend there.
Personally, I didn't see much of it, but some carnies walked through the park in opulent gowns.

We had a picnic in the park and it was so nice sitting in the shadow of the trees, enjoying our snacks and meeting new people :)
The only sad thing was, that I didn't see much of Yuki, who had to work in the evening, so she could only stay for three hours and we talked little :(
Most of the lolitas walked around the  park and took photos after the picnic, but me and a few others stayed at the same place the whole time, because we had to watch over the stuff some of them had left behind and we were content with just sitting there and talking ^___^

A very sweet girl, who wants to start wearing lolita soon, even made a quick sketch of me! She's so talented and I hope, she'll  join our next meet-up in lolita ♥

Doesn't it look great? *__* She only had these colours with her
so she couldn't show my true colours :D Her name is Kurosagari on Animexx.
I doodled Sakon with Copics, too, but I'm out of practice and not that talented. And I never used Copics, I don't know how to colour properly xD

Because we just sat there, I don't have a photo of my outfit, lazy me! But when all my clothes I wore are clean and ironed again, I'll recreate my outfit and show it to you!
I don't know, when the others left or if everyone still was somewhere in the park, but I left at 6 o'clock with a boy I don't know the name of (I think we didn't even introduced us to each other D:) and we made our way to the station where I took the train home. 
I'm really looking forward to the next meet-up, this one was very much fun, though we didn't do that much ^___^
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Sonntag, 12. Mai 2013

Small H&M Haul

On Friday I went shopping with my dear friend Michelle in the Limbecker Platz in Essen, because she desperately needed some t-shirts. So I just intended to accompany her and buy nothing. I don't have that much money left for the rest of the month and I was on a big shopping tour the Saturday before, if you remember.

But Michelle insisted on me buying something and my weakness for stripes was showing again xD
At first I wanted to  buy a galaxy dress at New Yorker I had seen already on Saturday, but we didn't even got the chance to set foot into that shop, because we spent too much before :D
So I gave in at H&M, when I discovered some pieces I missed at the CentrO.

This lavender lace top was absolutely okay for 4,95€, I can wear it over tops and dresses. The worst happened when I saw a stripey dress for 19,95€ .__. The plan was to spent 20€ at the most. And when I say at the most I mean in total on the whole shopping day, including food. Maybe excluding bubble tea though^^

I bought it anyways, because I'm weak D: We ate Chinese afterwards and had a bubble tea, yummy grape green tea with mango bubbles :3 But the BoBoQ in Essen is closing at the end of May :( That's so sad, now we can only get one in Düsseldorf or Krefeld, meeh.

In the evening I went to see Iron Man 3 at the Cinemaxx in Krefeld with two other friends. It was so awesome!!! *___* One of the best movies this year! Very funny :3 Sadly they didn't have the Iron Man 3 menu with t-shirt and actionfigure anymore (phew, at least some money saved :D). Have you seen it already? What's your opinion? 

And have you bought something recently which you didn't want to buy in the first place / though you had promised yourself not to spend much that day?

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Sonntag, 5. Mai 2013

CentrO Shopping

My parents and I went to CentrO Oberhausen yesterday. Actually, they wanted to buy a new jacket for me, but of course that's not what we left the CentrO with. Or we bought a jacket and 2039812741 additional things xD

That's the jacket we bought at Orsay, I really like the flounce at one side of the collar, and I think the jacket is cute and elegant at the same time. I also got some tops and a cardigan from Orsay. Recently I cleaned out my closet and threw out many of my tops, so I needed some new ones, otherwise I get the feeling, I've got nothing to wear :D But who doesn't know that feel, no matter how much clothing they own?

 A top with cute dots at the top and a cardigan with lace
 Flouncy pink and studded black with a tail(?)

At Bijou Brigitte I bought myself a pretty bracelet of roses and pearls

 Stripes are awesome, so I couldn't resist Pimkie's black x white striped shorts! And that Galaxy top at Ann Christine found its way into my wardrobe, too. I really like, that the back isn't just plain black, but has many triangle cut outs.

For the night, I bought some cute lace shorts at New Yorker and two simple tops to match. I need more cute pyjamas :3 The shorts were also available in pink, white and black.

The next stop was H&M, where I found a pair of cute hair clips, shoes in lace optics and another top (winged skeletons \(*o*\)) 

And more shoes! At the moment, they have so many cute ballerinas at Deichmann, so I got a black and a beige pair with flowers at the front.

I got so many things, lucky me! :3 Now the warm weather can finally stay ^___^

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Montag, 29. April 2013

London - Tuesday

Tuesday started with a visit of the British Museum, just a five minutes walk from our hotel.

We even had to wait inside a bit, because they open up the rooms at 10 o'clock and we were a bit early. The British museum is huuuge, it takes up almost one city block. We wandered through the exhibitions as long as we liked (ca. two hours) and tried to see as much as we could.
Many pictures came out blurry because of the lighting, but here are some okay ones:

 From the European section, where they had so much beautiful jewellery from past times *___* 
Unfortunately, the two or three pics I've taken of them are reaaally blurry .__.
 They have a whole room full of mummies and the like! A bit creepy~
 From the Greek and Roman exhibition
The ghost behind the cabinet is my sister :D 

In the Japanese ward they had a life-size, authentic tea house! A pity you can't use it ^^"
I think, it's really great, that many museums in London have free entrance :3 They have very many spots where you can donate 5 pound though xD After  so much culture we were hungry and took a break at the restaurant chain Wagamama, where we had some delicious Japanese food
When our spirits were fully restored, we made our way to the Horse Guards, but oh - no horses or guards, except for two patrolling by foot were in sight. So we took a loooong walk through the near parks: St. James's Park, Greens Park, a stop at Buckingham Palace and then on to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, where we also saw Kensington Palace, but only from outside. 

Horse guards with no horses and no guards

At Kensington Gardens we wanted to drink tea at the Orangery, but unfortunately they had closed already because of private occasions.

It looked way too exclusive for our present looks anyway xD I'd have felt pretty uncomfortable, I bet, wearing something less than some elegant dress or suit. At least not casual clothes^^
As you can see, the sky lit up in the afternoon and the sun came out :) We were so thankful for that, because it was freezing most of our time in London >___< 
So no tea for us, at least there, so we decided to go to Harrods, where we spent a good deal of time in the food section and had tea and scones in their tea room. I love scones and I loved their tea! ♥ 
Afterwards I wanted to take a look at the toy department. It's like heaven \(*^*\)  
The decoration is awesome and they have so much stuff! But my sister forced me to go, she was afraid I'd go home with a life-sized plush gorilla or giraffe T___T 
So we bought some sandwiches for dinner and went back to the hotel, our feet hurt like hell from all the walking D:

That's our second 'real' day in London!

Thanks for reading,

P.S.: Seems like uploading photos is working again/still. It's just awfully slow and takes an eternity to start loading in the first place -.-

Montag, 22. April 2013

London - Monday

Of course we wanted to see as much as we can in those three days, so my sister and I started off right after breakfast. Our first stop was Leadenhall Market, where we took a look around and bought postcards for our friends.

I really like Leadenhall Market's architecture, it has that touch of former times *___*
We had planned to take part in a walk at 11 a.m., so we walked slowly in the direction of the meeting point, but there was still plenty of time left, so we walked on until we reached the Thames and strolled a bit alongside. 

As you can see, the weather wasn't the best!
There were some stone benches, engraved with flowers. At first we thought, they were just painted on, but no! 

 A really pretty ship :D
  The "Winchester Wharves". I wonder if they hunt demons by ship?
After a while we returned to the meeting point where our guide was waiting and when everyone had assembled, we took off on our tour. We walked quite far and learned a lot of interesting facts about the area. If you're ever in London and want a unique walk, without just seeing the major tourist sights, I recommend London Walks to you! We took the "Hidden London" walk and it's just 9 pound per person, 7 if you're a student like me.
 For example, we saw St. Paul's Cathedral and Shakespeare's pub.

 Shakespeare bought this pub!

The top of this church (uugh, I forgot the name v__v) is the original inspiration for the form of wedding cakes!

We paid a short visit to the Millenium Bridge after the walk and took the underground to Temple, but we didn't stay long, because it started raining.

I don't have any photos from the rest of the day - good for you :P 
But we spent an hour or so at Starbucks where we wrote our postcards, then went to Covent Garden and had a look at the shops, bought some tea for our mum and drove to Waterstones. I love that book store *___* They have so many books and a huge section for fantasy, sci-fi, grafic novels and so on <3 They even have a corner for lesbian and gay literature, but I didn't want to go there with my sister :D
I bought the BBC Sherlock casebook there. I still haven't read it, because I need to finish "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall" first. But that's how it looks like:

A bit confusing, but Sherlock's on the front cover and John is on the back. I'm curious about the book, you can read John's blog posts about the six cases from the series and many more things    

At last we went to Masala Zone in Soho for dinner, where we ate authentic Indian curry. It was so delicious, but some things were a bit too spicy for me :D

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Freitag, 12. April 2013


Reading it quite often recently that the GoogleReader retires on 1 June, 2013 I made a Bloglovin account, too. It would be really awesome if you'd follow me via Bloglovin from now on. Or not, in case you don't want to read my blog anymore (I know I've been lazy lately, sorry D: I promise to better myself!).

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