Montag, 29. April 2013

London - Tuesday

Tuesday started with a visit of the British Museum, just a five minutes walk from our hotel.

We even had to wait inside a bit, because they open up the rooms at 10 o'clock and we were a bit early. The British museum is huuuge, it takes up almost one city block. We wandered through the exhibitions as long as we liked (ca. two hours) and tried to see as much as we could.
Many pictures came out blurry because of the lighting, but here are some okay ones:

 From the European section, where they had so much beautiful jewellery from past times *___* 
Unfortunately, the two or three pics I've taken of them are reaaally blurry .__.
 They have a whole room full of mummies and the like! A bit creepy~
 From the Greek and Roman exhibition
The ghost behind the cabinet is my sister :D 

In the Japanese ward they had a life-size, authentic tea house! A pity you can't use it ^^"
I think, it's really great, that many museums in London have free entrance :3 They have very many spots where you can donate 5 pound though xD After  so much culture we were hungry and took a break at the restaurant chain Wagamama, where we had some delicious Japanese food
When our spirits were fully restored, we made our way to the Horse Guards, but oh - no horses or guards, except for two patrolling by foot were in sight. So we took a loooong walk through the near parks: St. James's Park, Greens Park, a stop at Buckingham Palace and then on to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, where we also saw Kensington Palace, but only from outside. 

Horse guards with no horses and no guards

At Kensington Gardens we wanted to drink tea at the Orangery, but unfortunately they had closed already because of private occasions.

It looked way too exclusive for our present looks anyway xD I'd have felt pretty uncomfortable, I bet, wearing something less than some elegant dress or suit. At least not casual clothes^^
As you can see, the sky lit up in the afternoon and the sun came out :) We were so thankful for that, because it was freezing most of our time in London >___< 
So no tea for us, at least there, so we decided to go to Harrods, where we spent a good deal of time in the food section and had tea and scones in their tea room. I love scones and I loved their tea! ♥ 
Afterwards I wanted to take a look at the toy department. It's like heaven \(*^*\)  
The decoration is awesome and they have so much stuff! But my sister forced me to go, she was afraid I'd go home with a life-sized plush gorilla or giraffe T___T 
So we bought some sandwiches for dinner and went back to the hotel, our feet hurt like hell from all the walking D:

That's our second 'real' day in London!

Thanks for reading,

P.S.: Seems like uploading photos is working again/still. It's just awfully slow and takes an eternity to start loading in the first place -.-


  1. Ohh in dem Museum war ich auch!
    Ist doch das mit dem geilen Glasdach, oder? :D

    1. Jaaa, es hat auf jeden Fall ein geiles Glasdach, ich weiß ja nicht, wie die Dächer von den anderen Museen so sind xD