Sonntag, 5. Mai 2013

CentrO Shopping

My parents and I went to CentrO Oberhausen yesterday. Actually, they wanted to buy a new jacket for me, but of course that's not what we left the CentrO with. Or we bought a jacket and 2039812741 additional things xD

That's the jacket we bought at Orsay, I really like the flounce at one side of the collar, and I think the jacket is cute and elegant at the same time. I also got some tops and a cardigan from Orsay. Recently I cleaned out my closet and threw out many of my tops, so I needed some new ones, otherwise I get the feeling, I've got nothing to wear :D But who doesn't know that feel, no matter how much clothing they own?

 A top with cute dots at the top and a cardigan with lace
 Flouncy pink and studded black with a tail(?)

At Bijou Brigitte I bought myself a pretty bracelet of roses and pearls

 Stripes are awesome, so I couldn't resist Pimkie's black x white striped shorts! And that Galaxy top at Ann Christine found its way into my wardrobe, too. I really like, that the back isn't just plain black, but has many triangle cut outs.

For the night, I bought some cute lace shorts at New Yorker and two simple tops to match. I need more cute pyjamas :3 The shorts were also available in pink, white and black.

The next stop was H&M, where I found a pair of cute hair clips, shoes in lace optics and another top (winged skeletons \(*o*\)) 

And more shoes! At the moment, they have so many cute ballerinas at Deichmann, so I got a black and a beige pair with flowers at the front.

I got so many things, lucky me! :3 Now the warm weather can finally stay ^___^

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    1. Ich hab wieder zugeschlagen :D
      Echt schlimm, dass ich so unterschiedliche Stile trage, da weiß ich nie, was ich kaufen soll und es passt nie alles zusammen xD