Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

Flower girl

Yesterday, I met Tabea and Bibi in Duisburg :)
We just strolled a bit through the city, went to some shops and yeah... it was really  hot xD
So in the morning I had the big problem of what to wear and went on the search for the lightest clothes possible with lolita in my wardrobe xD

In the end, I came up with a flowery casual outfit, which was the best choice for the hot weather, I think :)

Just got home

I had my camera with me, but I took no photos D: But Tabi did... a lot xD Well, she has a good cam, so it's no problem for her :) But this way, I don't have a pic of her and Bibi .___. They both looked adorable, Bibi was wearing the Pocket Embroidery Jsk by Btssb in pink and Tabi had borrowed Bibi's Sweets Dessert OP by Angelic Pretty in pink/sax ♥

At the train station, I bought a necklace at SIX, but I don't have a picture yet. 

Nothing more to tell,

Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012

Berlin - Day 4

On Day 4 we took the train to Potsdam and visited the castle Sanssouci. So here are some photoooos:

The ceiling in this room was the best! It was so detailed and very vivid! Can you see the spiders in their net?

 The rooms were so beautiful, I wish, I could live there :3 Unfortunately, some pieces of furniture weren't present, because they were displayed on an exhibition, but anyway. And the gardens are huuuuge, I bet they never found one if they were looking for somebody back then. Great for hide-and-seek! xD

Maybe you can tell from the photos, the weather wasn't too great on that day. It was still warm, but when we walked into the city to find a place for lunch after visiting Sanssouci, it took the sky only minutes to pour every single drop onto us it held back all the days before! We took shelter in a small passage for nearly an hour before we could take up our search for a restaurant without getting soaked through in a sec! We got pretty wet though and it was thundering, too!

Due to the bad weather, we decided to take the train back to Berlin again (some of the trams in Potsdam weren't running because of flooding oO) and at the time we came back, it wasn't worthwhile to do something in the city, so we went back to our camping place. And it rained and rained and rained and rai-.... all day long!

So that was our last day in Berlin! And there's still so much left to see! As you can see, we went there mainly for culture, so no shopping, but maybe I'll get my chance next time ;) It was an amazing trip nonetheless!

There was only one point, I wasn't very happy about: It was way too hot for lolita! At least for me. I melted away in my "normal" clothes already. I deliberately had taken one of my dresses, shoes, matching accessoires and my petticoat with me - all in vain! At least I didn't carry out my first plan and just took lolita clothing only with me! That would have been my death xD Maybe the weather will be a bit more lolita-friendly on our next visit ^____^

Thanks for reading,

Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012

Berlin - Day 3

Friday didn't start too well, because my dad felt sick :( It didn't seem to get better, so my mum and I went out alone. We decided to do something I wanted to do, visiting the German Historical Museum with the exhibition "Fashioning Fashion: European Dress in Detail 1700-1915" *_______*
Not that interesting for men anyways xD

Since we came to Berlin, I saw the posters advertising the exhibition everywhere and it was clear for me, that I had to see it from the start! Sadly, for the exhibition itself taking photos wasn't allowed .__. There were so many pretty dresses and also suits for men! Really inspiring, also lolitawise♥
I wish, I could show youuuu~ But maybe you have the chance to visit the exhibition, too? Or have been there already? I want to hear your impressions :3

As the exhibition was placed in the basement and my mum and I got a bit lost, we started our tour through the museum at the first floor and the exhibition had somehow somewhat to do with the "Fashioning Fashion" one, at least there were some points with small panels, which described fashion-related topics and at least some dresses, you were allowed to photograph.


The atrium of the German Historical Museum (mum taking a photo of me taking photos xD)

A case with a tea set
A page from a dressing book
Haaah, myself in the mirror <___<
I'd like to drive in a car like that at least once :D
 For the sailors of us ;)

The dresses in the "real" exhibition are a hundred times more beautiful and opulent, it's really worth a visit!

My mum and I spent a long time there and when we came out, it was time for lunch, I got a bubble tea and my dad joined us, as he felt better after taking a long nap :) We took a sightseeing tour by bus and went to the KaDeWe, the "Kaufhaus des Westens" ("Department store of the West"), the most famous department store of Berlin! Like a tourist ;)  

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Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012

Berlin - Day 2

Thursday started with taking the tram to "Potsdamer Platz", where we stopped shortly at a shopping center (got me 2 blouses at Vero Moda) and we took a look at the Sony Center, where they had a huge Spiderman head in front of the cinema! :o

With mum ♥

My mother had reserved a guidance in the cupola of the Reichstag, where we were able to enjoy the view over Berlin once more. It was sooo damn hot there, too :D About 30 °C... just like the day before. 

When we walked down "Unter den Linden" again, I saw a police bus oO I didn't know a thing like that existed and it was even a driving school! You never stop learning ;)

We stopped at a hotel a few minutes, because there was the Aquadome in it. A big water column with many fish and inside an elevator of the hotel goes up and down :) Sadly you have to get a ticket for it to use it, but we didn't want to spend any money on it.

Lunchtiiiime! We ate at an American diner, called "Andy's". I picked a Caesar's salad... the dishes were so huge xD 

Of course, you have to visit at least one museum if you happen to be in Berlin. We visited even two :D The first one on Thursday, a DDR (GDR) museum. It was quite fun, you could even sit in an old Trabi and could open a lot of drawers and doors in the walls, watch old videos and play little games. Not at all, what you'd imagine a boring museum visit to be like! 

At last we visited the Hackesche market and yards. There was a BoBoQ store and they had their 2nd anniversary, which means, they're selling bubble tea size M for 2€ and size L for 2,50€ all July! No wonder, I couldn't resist and got me a kiwi milk with strawberry bubbles x3 

It had my zodiac sign on it <3 What a coincidence! I'm Sagittarius and it says, that those are uncomplicated, righteous and freedom-loving :D If that may be true... xD

Thanks for reading, 

Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012

Berlin - Day 1

The trip to Berlin with my parents was great and really  interesting!
I'll split the report, so I don't flood you with photos, though I promised myself not to post too many.

The report starts with Wednesday and I'll leave Tuesday and Sunday out, because these were the days of arrival and departure. On Sunday we left in the morning and Tuesday we arrived at 5 o'clock, so we just walked into Berlin Tegel, where our camping site was located. Of course my parents went to Berlin in a campmobile, but I couldn't resist Berlin, so I went with them despite this fact.

So on Wednesday we took the subway into the middle of Berlin and came out at the Brandenburger Gate.

We quickly walked to the memorial for the Jewish victims of World War II and then all along the famous street Unter den Linden.

Me at the Brandenburger Gate

There are so many beautiful, old buildings in Berlin, I really fell in love with the city! 

 The dome

We decided to go into in the dome, it's one of the most fascinating buildings, in my opinion. You had to walk up many stairs and then take a walk around the cupola. The interior of it is also amazing and they also opened the crypt to public, where all the old kings and other noblemen lay in eternal sleep.


Afterwards, we explored the Nikolai quarter, the oldest district in Berlin. Then we went up the television tower, it's so high and you have to wait for an hour or so, until your number appears on the screen and you're allowed to step into the elevator and go up over 200 metres.

  The dome seen from the television tower - now it looks so tiny!

In the queue to the elevators stood a girl with awesome creepers :D They were black and covered in silver studs! 

  Stalker pic!

After we went down to a normal level again, we took a sightseeing tour by ship. It went a bit along the Spree and back, so you could see the most important sights of the capital.

Berlin main station - here I arrived, when I went to Berlin in 2010 
with my best friend and his family :) 

Exhausted from the heat and walking around all day, we quickly went back to Tegel after the tour. 

I even had a fashionable motto for the days in Berlin, if you can call it that way xD I only wore black and white clothes during our stay and even on the way to and back from Berlin. Experience Berlin in black&white! 
That happens with too much boredom...  :D

Thanks for reading,

Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2012

More shoes!

Only one pair, but one, that I longed for everytime I saw a picture with them!
Finally they're mine, they would've been my second choice for Abigala shoes after the Demonia ones, but I could neither get my hands on these nor the others.
But a girl from the German lolita community Dunkelsüß contacted me and offered me the Montreal shoes, a few days after I accepted the offer for the Montreal ones I wore for the Abigala in the end.

They'll look so cool to my black dresses! And I'm soooo tall with them o__O I think, I have to be around 1,85 m wearing them. But so cool *~* xD

Thanks for reading,

Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

Too many clothes!

At first, I'd like to thank you for 30 followers! Thank you so much ♥♥♥

On Wednesday, I was shopping - again, I know .__.
But my parents wanted to go out for lunch and chose the Chinese restaurant "Pagoda" in Oberhausen. One of my favourite restaurants! :)
Of course we went to the CentrO afterwards, being located just next to "Pagoda".
Inevitably, I just HAD to do some shopping ^___^"

My loot:
 2 manga: Black Butler XI and Naruto Vol. 55
H&M: black & white vertically striped tights and mint lacey ones,
white dress with black bows, white cardigan, white and pink socks, "Beauté" t-shirt
and cream rose hair clips
Zara: "These girls don't sleep" t-shirt 

And I got some underwear, but of course I won't show it to you ;) 

As a last thing, I want to tell you, that I'll be in Berlin from Tuesday till Sunday, so I probably won't update my blog then ^___^ 

Thanks for reading,