Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012

Berlin - Day 2

Thursday started with taking the tram to "Potsdamer Platz", where we stopped shortly at a shopping center (got me 2 blouses at Vero Moda) and we took a look at the Sony Center, where they had a huge Spiderman head in front of the cinema! :o

With mum ♥

My mother had reserved a guidance in the cupola of the Reichstag, where we were able to enjoy the view over Berlin once more. It was sooo damn hot there, too :D About 30 °C... just like the day before. 

When we walked down "Unter den Linden" again, I saw a police bus oO I didn't know a thing like that existed and it was even a driving school! You never stop learning ;)

We stopped at a hotel a few minutes, because there was the Aquadome in it. A big water column with many fish and inside an elevator of the hotel goes up and down :) Sadly you have to get a ticket for it to use it, but we didn't want to spend any money on it.

Lunchtiiiime! We ate at an American diner, called "Andy's". I picked a Caesar's salad... the dishes were so huge xD 

Of course, you have to visit at least one museum if you happen to be in Berlin. We visited even two :D The first one on Thursday, a DDR (GDR) museum. It was quite fun, you could even sit in an old Trabi and could open a lot of drawers and doors in the walls, watch old videos and play little games. Not at all, what you'd imagine a boring museum visit to be like! 

At last we visited the Hackesche market and yards. There was a BoBoQ store and they had their 2nd anniversary, which means, they're selling bubble tea size M for 2€ and size L for 2,50€ all July! No wonder, I couldn't resist and got me a kiwi milk with strawberry bubbles x3 

It had my zodiac sign on it <3 What a coincidence! I'm Sagittarius and it says, that those are uncomplicated, righteous and freedom-loving :D If that may be true... xD

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