Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012

Berlin - Day 1

The trip to Berlin with my parents was great and really  interesting!
I'll split the report, so I don't flood you with photos, though I promised myself not to post too many.

The report starts with Wednesday and I'll leave Tuesday and Sunday out, because these were the days of arrival and departure. On Sunday we left in the morning and Tuesday we arrived at 5 o'clock, so we just walked into Berlin Tegel, where our camping site was located. Of course my parents went to Berlin in a campmobile, but I couldn't resist Berlin, so I went with them despite this fact.

So on Wednesday we took the subway into the middle of Berlin and came out at the Brandenburger Gate.

We quickly walked to the memorial for the Jewish victims of World War II and then all along the famous street Unter den Linden.

Me at the Brandenburger Gate

There are so many beautiful, old buildings in Berlin, I really fell in love with the city! 

 The dome

We decided to go into in the dome, it's one of the most fascinating buildings, in my opinion. You had to walk up many stairs and then take a walk around the cupola. The interior of it is also amazing and they also opened the crypt to public, where all the old kings and other noblemen lay in eternal sleep.


Afterwards, we explored the Nikolai quarter, the oldest district in Berlin. Then we went up the television tower, it's so high and you have to wait for an hour or so, until your number appears on the screen and you're allowed to step into the elevator and go up over 200 metres.

  The dome seen from the television tower - now it looks so tiny!

In the queue to the elevators stood a girl with awesome creepers :D They were black and covered in silver studs! 

  Stalker pic!

After we went down to a normal level again, we took a sightseeing tour by ship. It went a bit along the Spree and back, so you could see the most important sights of the capital.

Berlin main station - here I arrived, when I went to Berlin in 2010 
with my best friend and his family :) 

Exhausted from the heat and walking around all day, we quickly went back to Tegel after the tour. 

I even had a fashionable motto for the days in Berlin, if you can call it that way xD I only wore black and white clothes during our stay and even on the way to and back from Berlin. Experience Berlin in black&white! 
That happens with too much boredom...  :D

Thanks for reading,