Montag, 26. August 2013

Royal Pony 6 "Flower Princesses"

The sixth Royal Pony meet-up took place at Castle Benrath in Düsseldorf on last week's Saturday. We were very lucky with the weather, sunny and warm, and a baroque festival was held at the same weekend there.
Personally, I didn't see much of it, but some carnies walked through the park in opulent gowns.

We had a picnic in the park and it was so nice sitting in the shadow of the trees, enjoying our snacks and meeting new people :)
The only sad thing was, that I didn't see much of Yuki, who had to work in the evening, so she could only stay for three hours and we talked little :(
Most of the lolitas walked around the  park and took photos after the picnic, but me and a few others stayed at the same place the whole time, because we had to watch over the stuff some of them had left behind and we were content with just sitting there and talking ^___^

A very sweet girl, who wants to start wearing lolita soon, even made a quick sketch of me! She's so talented and I hope, she'll  join our next meet-up in lolita ♥

Doesn't it look great? *__* She only had these colours with her
so she couldn't show my true colours :D Her name is Kurosagari on Animexx.
I doodled Sakon with Copics, too, but I'm out of practice and not that talented. And I never used Copics, I don't know how to colour properly xD

Because we just sat there, I don't have a photo of my outfit, lazy me! But when all my clothes I wore are clean and ironed again, I'll recreate my outfit and show it to you!
I don't know, when the others left or if everyone still was somewhere in the park, but I left at 6 o'clock with a boy I don't know the name of (I think we didn't even introduced us to each other D:) and we made our way to the station where I took the train home. 
I'm really looking forward to the next meet-up, this one was very much fun, though we didn't do that much ^___^
Thanks for reading,

Sonntag, 18. August 2013

Disaster Day

The plan was so simple. Going to university, writing my last exam for this semester, meeting Melinda and going to the comic store with her.
But somehow Wednesday wasn't my day... it started bad, it got a bit better and along the day some minor backlashes came up.
It all started before I even left the house. I was a bit late, but only a few minutes, and both of my parents had nothing better to do than calling me every 20 seconds, if  I wanted to miss the train on purpose and so on. End of the story was, that we drove of two minutes later than usual and we arrived at the train station six minutes before my train pulled out. So they shouted at me for absolutely no reason, when it would have been my problem anyway, if I'd missed the train (and I already took the earlier one in case something would happen).
At least the exam went quite well and afterwards it was, "Off to Essen!". Of course, I had to miss the bus by seconds, wait another 15 mins and finally I arrived at the main station, were my train started late and it seemed to be so slow to me. I bet it was only because I was already so irritated :D
In Essen Melinda and I had to realize that our favourite Asian restaurant (it was so cheap and delicious! *__*) had closed as well as Häagen Dazs. So I ate noodles instead of rice and I behaved really childish, but I was so affected by the disappearance of our beloved restaurant, that I didn't care xD

After we strengthened ourselves we made our way to the Comic Centrum, where we spent a good while browsing through the different manga and comics. In the end I decided to pick a Cable&Deadpool comic, as well as the prologue for "Star Trek: Into Darkness", "Countdown to Darkness", and I ordered a Star Wars comic about Darth Maul ♥

The "Astonishing X-Men" comic at the bottom is borrowed from Melinda. My spiky bracelet broke at the comic store, too, but that was the last bad thing which happened that day xD I drove home and later back to Essen together with Melli and we had a sleepover at Melinda's where we watched the first season of Digimon - we still haven't finished it!
The next day we went to the city, but I bought nothing and Melli and I went home in the evening.

Meeting Tabi on Friday had to be postponed to next week, because she didn't feel very well, so no post about it this week :( Therefore I had time to read my comics and I liked everyone of them so far ^-^

See you,
your Anni♥

Montag, 12. August 2013


Hellooooo, yes, I'm still alive!
I knooooow, I've been a bad blogger lately, my last post was waaaay back, exactly 3 months!
How fast time goes by.... and I don't have a good apology besides "I'm lazy, uni, not that much happened and I didn't want to post shopping hauls only" and so on. Now my exams are almost over, my last one is going to take place this Wednesday. So I've got plenty of time again. I hope, I'll get back to posting more regularly again v___v  I'm really sorry D:

I'm not sure if I'll post all the entries I left behind, I wrote once what I intended to write about here (see, I've been lazy before!), but I know for sure that I'm gonna post the last London day.

This week will also be a good week for feeding my blog. After my exam on Wednesday I'm going to meet my dear friend Melinda and we'll go to a comic book store. On Friday I'm finally going to see Tabi again <3 And the Royal Pony meet-up takes place on Saturday ^___^
So there'll be much to look forward to!

See you later this week and sorry again ^__^'