Montag, 6. August 2012

Millingen tea house

Now some catching up with the recent events.
Somehow I have the feeling, that I spent most time of the weekend in the Netherlands xD

On Friday morning, my parents drove with me to Millingen, where a tea house is located, set up in an Asian inspired garden. The "bad" thing was, that you couldn't drive up to it, we had to park at a parking lot and then walk 2 km through the pampas :D It was really warm and there was a lot of beautiful nature around :)
And there were quite a few cowpats, but we didn't see any cows running around ^__^

My mum claimed, that it was more than 2 km to walk, but my dad and I don't believe her :D
The tea house was quite expensive, you had to pay 5 euro for entrance and we paid 27 euros for some buns with cream cheese, cola and a coffee. Yeah, shame on me, I drank cola at a tea house.. v___v  But it was too damn hot! No hot tea for me with these temperatures.

Inside the house
The house lies in a big garden,  with many different corners. There's a terrace with low sofas, little fountains, a big lawn with tables, a small bamboo forest and many flowerbeds. It's really beautiful, but I was also a bit disappointed, because my mother told me before, that it was supposed to be a Japanese tea house and I expected something different. 

You can see a tiny glimpse of my alpine green hair at the back of my head xD

The way back was much worse :D Additional to the heat there were many gadflys now D: 
The flew around us and I still have a sting at the back of my left thigh... they made it through my tights! It's so itchy from time to time... but still it was a nice walk through the nature!

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