Samstag, 29. September 2012

The lost coin

Today, I decided against taking part in the Sweet Harajuku Day in Düsseldorf and went shopping with two of my best friends, Melli and Michelle, in Krefeld. I see them so rarely, at least Michelle, now after our shared school time is over. Michelle's busy with her apprenticeship, Melanie's studies have already begun and I'm the only lucky one, who still has some time left until university starts. So I felt more like spending time with my dear friends ♥

At the parking deck, something unfortunate happened... the park coin fell into the handbrake and we couldn't reach it anymore! So we had to pay 28€ for a whole parking day and as deposit, damn!
We didn't have that much time, because Melli had to be at home at 6 o'clock and Michelle made an appointment with someone else tonight. Therefore, we kinda rushed through the shops...

At New Yorker, I bought a thick, black scarf, which I already wanted to buy last time, when I was in Krefeld with Melli, and I also looked for the black-grey striped pants, but no chance! They were no longer to be found and I even asked the cashier, who said they didn't have them anymore! T___T

After this disappointment, Michelle and I drank some bubble tea (Honeydew *___* One of my favourite flavours <3). Our next stop was Bijou Brigitte and I recommend everyone to pay it a visit soon! They have so many cute stuff at the moment! I could have bought at least 10 necklaces, restricted them to 3 in the end :D I got 2€ off of one, because the rabbit falls into two pieces all the time D: Michelle bought some earrings and an adorable bracelet with owls :3

At Thalia, I bought two Naruto volumes from my "Still missing"-list and volumes 4 & 5 of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, I watched the anime, so that it should be no problem, that I didn't read the three previous ones.

In the end, we went back to New Yorker, Michelle purchased a watch there, when Melli suddenly saw the pants I longed for! A single pair was hanging around and it was even the right size - lucky me! *O*
I grabbed it and ran to the counter. When I returned, happy with my purchase, I saw another pair in a bigger size, too!
Now I wonder where they came from... magic!

Dienstag, 18. September 2012


Yeah, another post... And yep, I was lucky, found some mini samosas in the fridge :)

Ready for going outside:

Cardigan: H&M
Shoes: Montreal

Took our dog for a walk. No, you're not overdressed when you go out like that for a 5-minutes-walk. You're never overdressed. I do what I want!
Oww, boredom got back on me D: Maybe I'll doodle some more LoL characters...
Thanks for reading,

A frilly chilly day

I haven't worn lolita for a while and that kinda bothers me. So I simply declared today as my dress-up day :D
I'm alone, I have nothing to do, so I can just as well sit here in my frills and look pretty while hanging around xD
Of course, I just went for a casual look, I won't use my best dress and cover myself in accessories, when I'm just surfing on the internet, playing LoL and take our dog for a walk.

My current facebook profile pic


I'm wearing the light blue tights I bought at Orsay on Friay
 Jsk, Wig: Bodyline
Hairclips, Headband: H&M
  Tights: Orsay
Bracelet: Primark
Necklace: gift
T-shirt: can't remember

Here's a chibi Varus I doodled yesterday, LoL players will know him (is there anyone who plays League of Legends among my followers?) :D

And now I'll go and take a look into the fridge, if it's so kind to provide me with some food I like :) 

Thanks for reading,