Sonntag, 25. November 2012

Centro Shopping Haul

Friday a week ago I had no university, so my parents took me to the CentrO to do some shopping. I needed more pullovers for winter, but that's not all that I got. Surprisingly, I bought no accessories for once :D

Here are my findings, sorted by shops, where I bought them (and please excuse the bad light, it gets dark so early in winter and the artificial light always falsifies the colours a bit):

A cute light pink coat  with ruffles, a lavender bolero with fake fur and lavender tights from Orsay. Go there, maybe they still offer discounts (got 30% off for the coat)!

Pyjamas and a thick scarf from H&M. They disappointed me with their pullovers, I found nothing pretty D:

Finally found three pullovers at Pimkie! I simply love the pastel striped one, but it already has a hole, I don't know how this could happen :( There was 30% discount on every single pullover!

Cross leggings and a studded cross top from Ann Christine! The studs are not simply glued on, they're pierced through the fabric and it makes the top quite heavy. It gets pretty cold on your skin, too :D

I think, the items from Ann Christine are my most favourite of this shopping tour, they're so cool, haha.

Thanks for reading,

Sonntag, 18. November 2012

Tredy Thursday

I hadn't planned to go anywhere after University on Thursday, but my mum had to do some things in town and I accompanied her, so she hadn't to go alone. In our town, there are very few stores and none which I would consider worth visiting, except for Tredy. I didn't own anything by them, my mum has a lot of things from there (and I borrow one or two things from her sometimes). Often I find their stuff weird or not my style, but they have some cute things with lace and frills, too, or clothes which have a nostalgic touch.

And lucky as we are, they had a discount offer, "Take three pieces and get 30% on everything". Now I have a cute red jacket, which may look cute with a black skirt, and a teal coat (the kind you wear instead of a pullover, not an overcoat for cold weather).

The coat has  many different buttons and a nice little pendant at the back. All these details *___* And in one of my favourite colours :)

I love the lace at the back and at the hemline ♥

That's all for today and thanks for reading,

Montag, 12. November 2012

Yukon 2012

This Saturday it was convention time again! Finally a chance to wear lolita again :3

At 10.04 a.m. I took the train to Solingen and met two friends in the train. The one and a half hour ride was much better with some company :) Both of them regretted to haven't cosplayed that day, because there were more cosplayers than expected and they felt a little awkward in normal clothes :D As I said, I went there in lolita, gothic lolita to be specific. But there were only a few other lolitas, my friend Yuki included :3
We took photos together, shortly before I left the con with my friends.

I think, Yuki looks totally adorable in her Angelic Pretty dress *___* You can read more about her day at the con (and she spent much more time there, than I did) on her blog. I hadn't seen her for quite a while, so I was happy to meet her again :3

My outfit rundown:
Dress, blouse, socks - Moi même moitié
Headdress - L'âme Lazuli
Shoes - Montreal
Rest - offbrand

The convention was visited by much more people than even the orga had anticipated, so it was pretty full. ApplewarPictures, some popular German youtubers, were there, too. I think, it was really cool, though I don't have the heart to talk to people like them really much, because there are so many others, who want photos and autographs, and I don't want to disturb them any further from enjoying the con. But they are so friendly! And I got a picture with Chan nonetheless :D It's very blurry, my cam sucked that day.

There's not that much to tell, we looked at all the booths, but I didn't buy anything, and my feet started to hurt very soon, because of my shoes. After we left the con, we drove to Düsseldorf, drank some bubble tea and took the train home. 

Next year, I'll be at the Yukon again, with more comfortable shoes! 

Thanks for reading,