Dienstag, 29. Januar 2013


Just wanted to tell you, that I'm on tumblr now, too.
Here you goooo!

Any tumblrs you would recommend? Are you on tumblr, too?

Samstag, 26. Januar 2013

Ruffle shoulder

In my last 4Things post I told you about the blouse I made. Finally, finally this piece is finished T___T
There have always been times when I lacked the motivation to sew and there were some parts I didn't know how to do, so I postponed working on the blouse again and again or made only little progress.
So it has been laying around here for like two years, I'm not even sure about it ^__^"

The last step was to make the button holes and sew the buttons on. That's what I did last Saturday and here is the result:

It is the first black shortsleeve blouse in my closet and I wanted one for so long! I especially like the ruffles on the sleeves, there are three rows of them. I used a semitransparent fabric (which frays very easily -.-) and black-white (or silver?) shimmering buttons. The blouse has a straight cut, so it doesn't look that flattering without a dress worn over it xD 

This is the page in the Burda issue, I got the pattern from, featuring the blouse. It looks pretty in dusky pink, too! ^__^
I'm so glad, I finished it now :D

Thanks for reading,

Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013

Cross red

Lagging soooo much behind with my posts!
This Primark haul is from December and as the title may give away, I bought mostly things in red or with crosses (or both ;)). I think, it was two weeks before Christmas, when Melinda and I took a look at Essen's Primark and I left a total of 53€ there. That's what I love about Primark, no cent amounts!

These tights are really great, I love the small crosses. Sometimes I wear different coloured tights underneath (red ones so far) to match the outfit. And no, this is not my leg, it's my arm :D

To this pullover I've worn the tights with red ones underneath. It's really comfy and a bit longer on the back, which I normally don't like that much, but with this one it's okay. The jeans are my favourite item! All the little crosses, yeees, I'm a  huge cross fan right now, I already told you in another post :D
They're also comfy and have a skinny cut.

A red chiffon blouse with black ribbon at the neck. When I tried it on at Primark at first, I wondered why it's so tight, though it was the right size... only afterwards I recognized, that I looked at the Spanish size xD Quickly I got the right size. The red overknees with cream lace are the last purchase from Primark, I haven't worn them yet .__. The ring is from Accessorize, it's now my third heart ring and the first one that glitters! *__*

One last find I got after Christmas at Orsay. I was there with my parents and it was the only  thing I could find in the whole CentrO!

Mint is a very pretty colour, in my opinion♥ I saw it on Yuki's blog and I had a voucher to redeem. Now the pretty mint pullover is mine ^__^

What was your last purchase? 

Thanks for reading,