Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2013

Liebster Award

I don't know what I did to deserve this, but I've been nominated for the Liebster Award four times! FOUR!
Wow, thank you! Thanks to everyone who nominated me and to my dear followers ♥ Milky Rose, Usai, Kooccachoo and LizJuice are the sweethearts who gave this award to me. You four - feel hugged!

This award is given to up-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers and here are the rules:

-Post 11 random facts about yourself. 
-Answer the 11 questions that the nominating blogger asked you. 
-Ask 11 questions to the bloggers that you nominate.
-Nominate 11 new bloggers and link their blogs in your post.
-Make sure you tell the bloggers that they've won !

Because I've been tagged four times, I'll answer the questions from everyone who nominated me, but I'll post 11 random facts and 11 questions from me to you only, okay?

11 random facts about myself: 
1. I just finished my first semester at the University Duisburg-Essen where I study Modern East Asian Studies.
2. Tights-addicted!
3. I play Sims (later Sims 2) since I went to primary school.
4. I'm single since almost 6 years.
5. I always try to buy more Gothic Lolita stuff, but almost always end up buying things for Sweet Lolita.
6. My height is 1,73 m.
7. At first I wanted to study Fashion Design, but was to lazy/late to make a map for application, so I decided to start studying something else and change after the first semester, but I happen to like it pretty much, so I'll stay with it. 
8. I spend too much time on the internet.
9. I play Animal Crossing on my Nintendo DS almost every day.
10. I'd like to have silver hair.
11. I always try to watch the LotR and Star Wars movies, when they're on tv, because they're among my favourite movies. So I watch them every year at least once.

And here are my answers to the 44 questions :D


1. Are you playing videogames? If so, which is your favourite videogame(-series)?
Yes, my favourite game so far is "Final Fantasy X".
2. To which place do you want to travel the most?
Tokyo! I hope, I can stay there for my semester abroad.
3. Why do you run your blog?
 I started it out of boredom, I think, and use it as a kind of journal.
4. Nintendo or Sony? And why?
I don't really have a preference here. Maybe Nintendo, because I wouldn't have a NDS without them^^
5. What's your favourite online shop?
I don't shop that much online, because I don't have Paypal. It would be some Lolita shop, I guess. But this way, I have to say Amazon, because I order books there from time to time.
6. Who is your idol and why?
I don't have a real idol, just people who inspire me and that are a lot. 
7. Are you superstitious?
No, not really. Though I wore red underwear at New Year's Eve, but merely out of desperation xD
8. Could you live without the internet for a month?
I could, but it would be very hard, I'm honest :D
9. Do you have a driver license? If not, why?
Yes, I do. And I'm out of probation time since two weeks.
10. What was your drem job as you was still a child?
Princess, model, ballerina, policewoman, vet.
11. Came your wishes for last year true?
Did I have wishes? I don't know... ah, yes, my best friend and I are talking again, but other than that I can't think of any wishes I might have had.

Milky Rose:

1.Who is the hero of your childhood? 
Probably someone from a Disney movie :D Or Bibi Blocksberg^^
2.What's your typical habit?
 Melli says, I like to touch people xD But only the ones I like very much (yeah, sometimes my friends have to suffer a lot). And sometimes I don't like being touched at all...
3.What is your favorite movie?
One? Many! LotR, Star Wars, Marie Antoinette, The Hobbit, The Avengers... I'll stop here.
4.Do you have a favorite gothic novel? Which one is it?
No, I don't think so.
5.What is your favorite accessory and why?
A black bracelet which consists of several bead braclets from Primark. It fits most of my outfits.
6.What is a fashion style you admire but you would never wear?
I would wear every fashion style, if I admire it.
7.What was your first make-up item?
It must have been a kohl pencil.
8.If you could choose another lifestyle, which would it be and why?
Lifestyle lolita, I could wear pretty dresses every day and decorate my room in a cute way.
9.What is your favorite chocolate?
Everything chocolate. Just kidding, the almond cream chocolate from Choceur.
10.What do you like better: coffee or hot chocolate?
I don't drink coffee, so hot chocolate.
11.What is your favorite quote?
"Love has no gender" by Mana.


1. What's your favourite candy?
2. Early mornings- or sleep in-person?
I like to get up rather late, after 10. That doesn't mean, I haven't been awake the previous one, two hours...
3. Which print would you like to own, but you'll never get it?
The Ritual Print Jsk from Moi-même-Moitié. I think, it's pretty hard to get.
4. What are your favourite colours?
Turquoise, black, grey, lavender, mint, light pink.
5. What disturbs you the most about Lolita?
The looks and comments you get from people and the fact, that you often can't try on the dresses. You get a new dress in the mail, get excited, try it on and it fits like a potato sack.
6. Lipstick, lipgloss or just lip balm?
Just lip balm, I don't use the other two.
7. Your favourite season and why?
Winter! I was born in winter and I love snow, icicles and Christmas time. The landscape looks like from a fairy tale, everything's so beautiful under a cover of snow♥
8. Favourite perfume?
I'm outing myself and admit that I don't use perfume.
9. Do you have a favourite song, if yes, which one?
If I had one it would be "Princess" from Versailles.
10. Favourite brand in Lolita and make up?
I have no favourite make up brand, but for Lolita it's Angelic Pretty for Sweet and Moi-même-Moitié for Gothic Lolita.
11. About what could you converse for hours?
About nothing, I guess, because I don't talk that much ^___^" If I had to probably about Lolita, Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. Or Naruto (yes, I have every manga, I'm honest^^).

1. What is your favourite fashion brand?
Angelic Pretty & Moi-même-Moitié.
2. How would your dream land look like?

Maybe like Rivendell? At least there have to be beautiful buildings, maybe even castles, enchanting forests, crystal clear water and everyone has to wear pretty clothing.
3. What is your favourite fruit?

4. Would you like to dress up in a style you haven't tried out before? If so, which style and why?

In an elegant, amazing gothic attire, because it looks elegant, beautiful and macabre.
5. What do you love the most in your own country?

The forests. The fact, that we have quite a few beautiful castles.
6. With which persons would you love to travel?

With my male best friend, my female best friends, Tom Hiddleston, Jack Sparrow or someone else fictitious. The Sound 4 (5) would be fun. Wait, the fellowship of the ring, yes!
7. What is your favourite movie genre?

Fantasy and Science Fiction.
9. What do you do the main time of your free time?

Sitting right here, doing internet stuff :D
10. Which is your favourite fabric?

Chiffon or velvet.
11. What is your favourite lolita style and why? (no matter if you wear it or not) 

Sweet and Gothic. One is cute and playful with lovely pastel colours, the other is dark, mysterious and elegant. I love black and themes like crosses, graveyards, vampires, roses, death, etc.

My 11 questions to you:
1. Do you collect anything? If yes, what is it?
2. Which flavour do you like most for bubble tea?
3. To which countries did you travel? Which one was your favourite?
4. Who is your favourite actor/actress?
5. What is the next event you're looking forward to?
6. What was your last dream about?
7. Do friends like your fashion style?
8. If you could only keep one hobby and had to do it for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
9. Do you get along easily with people you just met?
10. Anything you're currently obsessed with?
11. What is your favourite piece of clothing?

The people I nominate:
I won't nominate anyone! Because I got tagged by those who I'd have tagged and this way there aren't 11 people left who fulfill the rules. I don't follow that many blogs and some of them have gone inactive. So there are less than 11 people I'd nominate. Some have just to many followers already. Sorry, but everyone who likes to can answer my questions nonetheless, I love you all♥

Thanks for reading that ultralong post, if you've managed to stay until now :D
I really wanted to answer every question and leave no one out!

Decisions, decisions

Next Saturday the "Royal Pony" meetup takes place and I have no idea what to wear D:
I had some coords in mind, but the two between I wanted to choose don't look that great in reality. Or maybe it's just me. You have to help me decide, please!

The first one is Sweet Lolita.

I'm not sure anymore, because the socks and my cardigan have a different shade of lavender. Besides, the Milky Planet isn't the real thing, so I don't know if I'll feel very comfortable next to those, who might judge me for wearing a replica. I want the AP one so badly xD I wouldn't buy replicas anymore, so I already feel not too comfortable wearing it, when other lolitas are around who don't know me.

The second one is a Gothic coord.

Or is it Classic already? Or maybe just Casual? Again, the tights and the jacket aren't the same shade of wine red...aaargh, why?! xD And I have to find a way to stuff the waistties underneath the jacket, but that shouldn't be a real problem.

What do you think? Are the coords okay? Or are they both awful? Should I wear something completely different??? Help please! D: ♥

Anyway, I'll worry about the accessories later and hope for nice weather on Saturday ^___^

Thanks for reading,

P.S.: I just realised, I already wore Milky Planet to the first "Royal Pony" xD 

Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

Never let me wait...

... at least not at a shopping mall. This could lead to buying things you don't need on my side.

Aaah,  but I'm happy with what I bought x3 Melli and I visited Melinda again on Friday for a little sleepover and we met at Limbecker Platz to get some food first. Because I went there straight after university and they had to get there from Melinda's flat, I arrived first and had to wait a while - their train didn't come, they say.
So I stood there, and because waiting is boring I decided to take a look at the nearest store, which happend to be SIX. Oh why do pastel colours have to be in this year? D: That's bad for my wallet! They had lots of awesome pastel stuff there and it somehow happened, that I bought a headband and some hairclips :D

Pastel crosses, yay *o* You can never have to much lavender or mint in your wardrobe/accessory box. They had cute handbags, too, with floral patterns, which would look great to Classic Lolita, in my opinion (I want one).

When my friends finally arrived, we bought food and drank bubble tea again. They had special bobas this day, which were blueberry and honeydew flavoured. I tried the honeydew ones, but both taste great, though they're softer than normal bobas. If BoboQ could fix that, they should definitely take them into their assortment.

At Melinda's we watched  the first season of Digimon, we started it back last summer, but we still have like 30 episodes left D: Which is partly a good thing, because I love Digimon's first season and it contains lot of childhood memories :')

Is there any series you can watch again after years and you still love it?

Thanks for reading,

Samstag, 9. Februar 2013

Even Primark doesn't have it all

On Wednesday I visited Primark in Essen with two dear friends. My mission was to find a black dress, as I set it as a goal for this week and I neeeeed one! But Primark deeply disappointed me. On all six floors was no sign of a rather nice black dress which would have fitted my criteria. Except for one. I grabbed two different sizes and made my way to the nearest changing room, but one would have been enough. It was okay, but I didn't like the upper part, the neckline to be precise. And I wasn't willing to spend my money on something that is just okay....
But I bought something at Primark in the end. Though it isn't something you can wear, I'm quite happy with my find. It's just so cute :3

It's a savings box! And it was just 3,50€. And it looks like a cupcake. So who could have said "no" to that? Normally I don't like spending money on something which is meant to save your money, but I could not resist, it looks so much cuter than my old savings box (a painted cow) *___* Now I'll put the money for Japan into this little treasure.

Before we went home (I had uni till 5.30, so we didn't have that much time) we stopped at BoboQ and tried out the new sandwiches. They're quite good, but not worth the money. You pay around 4€ for them and I tried the only vegetarian one. It's filled with tofu, egg and vegetables.

That's also my bubble tea! Honeydew milk with strawberry bobas, mmh
Yesterday, Melli and I visited Melinda in Essen again. I'll tell you more about it in another post ;)

Thanks for reading,

Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013

4 Things Sunday #5

4 Things Sunday is back again! After I had my Japanese exam on Thursday I have time again to set myself some goals over the course of the week. I hope, I can accomplish all of them this time ;)
So here are the goals:

1. Start learning for the next two exams on 18/19th February
2. Buy a black dress
3. Start with the headbow for Sweets Dessert
4. Coordinate an outfit for the "Royal Pony" meet up on the 16th February

Well, the last one is not a real goal, or a kinda meeh one, but I can't think of something proper right now. I haven't worn lolita since Christmas, so over a month and this makes me feel sad .__. I really, really want to wear it again, but it seems too much effort for university to me and I don't want to get stupid comments or looks in the train/at the station/at uni right in the morning,
But on Wednesday I'm going to visit my dear friend Melinda in Essen after university and we'll go to Limbecker Platz and Primark for shopping and that's where I intend to buy a black dress. I'll post about that later this week :3

Do you have any plans for this week? 

Thanks for reading,