Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

I'm sorry ~___~"

My last post has been almost a month ago oO I apologize for not posting so long T__T
At first I was busy, then I didn't feel like blogging, I've been to London last week and my dear friend Tabea had a birthday party and this week I'm working on my assignment, we have to turn it in on Sunday. I'll try and post something this week, but I won't promise anything, just have to look how fast I'll stop procrastinating and actually do something about that term paper -.-" Also next week, I'm going to Italy with my parents for a one-week-holiday at Lago di Garda (starting this Saturday).

Here is what I still have to blog about:

  • the Royal Pony meet-up
  • a Primark haul
  • the trip to London
  • the Sweets Dessert headbow
  • the trip to Italy

Aaand I'd like to post an entry about my tights collection, I'm an addict :D Probably I forgot some things I'd like to blog about, but you and I will see in the future ;)

Thanks for reading and sorry again,

Sonntag, 3. März 2013


The last time my sister visited us, she brought something for me :) It was a nice surprise and the necklace she gave me is really cute.

My present♥

It's so kind that she thought of me *__* She bought the merry-go-round necklace at "I am", she said, when she saw it, she had think of me and decided to give it to me as a present, aww <3
I love my sister and can't wait until we both fly to London in two weeks ♥

A little extra: I love these powdery pastel colours *-*
Thanks for reading,