Montag, 19. März 2012

Emilie Autumn - Concert photos

Before I'll tell you how awesome the concert in Bochum last Tuesday was in detail, I want to show you some photos of the day as an appetizer ;D So I don't have one photo-overloaded post, but two with just a few pics.
I wasn't standing in the first line, that's why the photos aren't that great (the ones from two years ago are much better. Maybe I'll show some of them to you in another post someday), rather in the middle of the crowd^^

So here are some impressions of the show itself:

The beginning - Captain Maggot, The Blessed Contessa and Veronica Varlow drowning tea bags ;)

 Contessa and the queen of the plague rats herself ♥ A shame, I don't have a better pic of that outfit

 Fight like a girl

 The Captain and EA being intimate :D

 Dancing Veronica

 Veronica playing the Rat Game with a fan - this time she picked Miss Neko!

 Fiery Captain Maggot!

 One last song...

 ...the END!!!

 Encore ;)

Personally, I love the show :)
Next time, I'll show you my outfit for the show and my purchases (nooo, I couldn't leave the merchandise stall  behind, of course not *o* Just left 45€ there.... D:).

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  1. Wow sieht das HOT aus..nach geballter Stimmung und ganz viel Spaß! LG

  2. Hihi das Konzert war so schön ♥♥♥
    Tolle Bilder *-* Folge dir jetzt ~♪

    Liebe Grüße ♥ nyan ♫

    1. Ich fand es auch so toll *___*

      Danke, werd ich auch mal bei dir tun ;D