Samstag, 24. März 2012

Emilie Autumn Merch

Finally, I'll tell you something about the EA concert :D
It was really awesome! I was so happy to see EA and the Bloody Crumpets again and I loved, that there were some of the familiar rituals, like the rat game and spilling tea over the crowd and throwing cookies and cupcakes to us ^___^ Sometimes I think, they are the only ones, who can lick cupcakes, and others eat them voluntarily xDD
But besides some old songs, they played lots of new ones, too, which tell the story of the Asylum like it's written in the book. And Emilie looks hot with her new mohawk wig! I also made some videos (because this time the light wasn't that cam-friendly), but I don't have a Youtube account, so I can't upload them.. or I'll maybe create one in the future^^

Anywaaaay, at the last concerts, I bought some fan stuff, a t-shirt in Cologne, the pirate kit and three posters in Bochum, so this time, I simply couldn't simply pass the merchandise stall either!
I bought the tour t-shirt with pretty EA herself on the front, and the tour dates on the back and two signed posters, Contessa ( I didn't own a poster of her yet) and Captain Maggot (because I LOVE her). So now I have a total of 7 Emilie Autumn related posters (and a VV sticker :D) on my wall!

Yeah, these are my purchases that far... and I promised to show  my outfit for the concert, so here it is. I tried to style myself as it is appropriate for an inmate of the Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls: 

I hope, I'm insane enough for you ^___~

Thanks for reading,


  1. I love that outfit <3 Looks like you could be part of the stage show :D I just wish I could go to one of her concerts but sadly I just don't have the money right now :(
    By the way, I tagged you:

    1. Thank you so much *__*
      Maybe you have a chance on the next tour :)

  2. Hey :3
    Ich war auch in Bochum auf dem Konzert und hab dich sogar gesehen^^ Ich liebe dein Outfit *-*
    Liebe Grüße x3