Montag, 23. April 2012

Madness at Primark

This is madness! Madness? THIS.IS.PRIMAAAAAAAAAAAAAARK!!!!!!

Or so... I was a Primark virgin... until I visited this hell of a shop in Essen nearly two weeks ago with my good friend Melinda. I mean, I really like it, because they have some cheap but pretty clothes :D But there were sooooo many people oO We had to wait 30 minutes or so to get a changing room. The queue was enormous, through the whole storey... I sorted some thing out beforehand to avoid waiting a second time, because you're only allowed to take eight pieces with you .___. If you have more, you have to get back to the end of the line and wait again! Ridiculous...

So I this is what I chose in the end:

 That's a blouse on the right ^___^" I bought the same in creme, but I wore it the next day, so no pic of it!
Yay, mint shorts *___* And a Darth Vader T-shirt.. the Star Wars fan inside me couldn't resist
even, if it's for men :D But it XS, so it fits quite well.

I wanted a lavender and another white blouse, but I thought, I'd need my money for shoes, which I planned wearing on my Abigala. Unfortunately, the shop, where I looked for them didn't sell them D: So it was in vain :( 

I hope you have a great evening and thanks for reading,


  1. Oh nein, ich will da auch unbedingt wieder mal hin..ein toller Laden, und die PREISE ein Traum! Auch deine Fotos vom Lolitatreffen sind toll geworden, du siehst bezaubernd aus! LG

    1. Jaaa, meine Liebe für Primark ist auch entflammt :D
      Möchte mir auf jeden Fall noch die Sachen holen, die ich zurücklassen musste^^
      Vielen lieben Dank für das Kompliment :)♥

  2. Totally love the Star Wars t-shirt! Too bad the Primark here is too far away for me :p The white dress is very adorable ♥

    1. Yeeah, i love it, too <3 :D
      Oh no, that's bad :( Maybe you'll get there someday^^
      But thank you♥