Montag, 23. April 2012

1. Royal Pony ~Wonder Egg~

Well, there was no egg hunt, the weather was too rainy, but wonderful it was indeed!
A wonderful first meet-up, the organizers put really much effort in it and I hope this meet-up row will continue this good in the future! I'm really looking forward to the second one in summer!

But first things first:
Because of the bad weather, the original plan was blown of and instead of an egghunt and a picnic in the park, we went to a café and later to the park for some photos. And so many beautiful Lolitas arrived!
Over 60 girls (and boys) participated! So the whole café was reserved for us xD
While we were eating our lunch or cake outside doomsday started - it rained so hard, I thought, we had to stay all day inside the café! D:
But lucky enough, the sky cleared up, so we went to the park where we took the group photo (not an easy task with 60 people!) and got some time to take single pictures.
Afterwards the meet-up ended and some of us went to take Purikura and stuff, but I just went home, 'cause I was rather tired and wanted to put on some comfy clothes...

But all in all, the day was great and we met so many new Lolitas! Thanks to the orga for such a fantastic meet-up!

Here are some photos of the day:

Yuki taking photos of everyone at the café (she organized the meet-up, too) 
Delicious strawberry mascarpone cake!
A great crowd we were :D

Vicky, Yuki's Lolita "fosterling" :)
 Tabea was there, too! :D

She was the more adventurous of us two and stepped into the water ^___^

 Me on the bridge

 She's so pretty in Btssb *___* Her first brand dress and she's so proud of it ♥

Hiding in the blossoms~
Group photooo - stolen from Yuki's blog ;D 
You all are amazing!
Thanks for reading,


  1. whoa! so many lolitas, i never been to such a big meet! it looks like great fun and i love the outfits ^_^ I recently posted about a lolita meet i attended, but it was only very small ;p I hope you can check it out :)

    1. It was very much fun indeed :D I checked it out ;)