Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

Market in Venlo

Hey guys! ^___^

This morning I went with my parents to the market in Venlo. I definitely have to shop there for fabrics sometime ^__^ They had pretty ones with floral patterns... But I got some tights at the market, mostly plain black ones, because many of my old ones got holes in them and I had to throw them away .__.
I wore just a very simple outfit with the dress from Primark.

Back at home I tried out, if the dress fits a petticoat underneath. And it did! I think, that's great, I can wear inspired and Casual Lolita coords with it this way!

 I've been to the hairdresser on Wednesday, so my bangs are a bit short >__<
My hair is pretty short in the back now, too, I really like it... somehow, I want to be even shorter xD

Aaah, and there's been another purchase in Venlo, at Bijou Brigitte I found a necklace for my Abigala-outfit, that means, if I don't find something even better ^__^' 

Thanks for reading,


  1. Ich finde das Outfit total süß! ^^

  2. Der Markt in Venlo macht Spaß, da war ich früher sehr oft, als ich noch in Heinsberg gewohnt habe..und Stoffe bekommt dort auch zT gut..meine SChwester schwärm immer davon und dass sie ganz viel für mich gesehen hat..

    1. Mehr Spaß macht er wohl, wenn die Sonne scheint, am Samstagmorgen hat's leider ziemlich geschüttet ^__^'
      Wenn ich mal wieder mehr nähe, hol ich mir dort auch einen hübschen mit Blumenmuster...