Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

Dokomi 2012

This weekend the convention Dokomi took place in Düsseldorf!!
I had a ticket for the weekend and went both days in lolita. Oh, it was also the first time, that I visited the Dokomi, so I can't compare it to former ones.
But, I think, it was pretty awesome, even if it was very crowded and warm inside the building. And sometimes we even lost our way, because the con was held in a fair building, which was quite roomy xD

I went there with a friend, who cosplayed Chopper from One Piece, and some.. other guys, I'd more consider as more distant friends, I don't have much to do with them. But otherwise, I'd have been alone at the con, oh no D: I had a great time anyway, even if we spent much time searching for the others, because we split up from time to time (they disappeared -.-)...

Nevertheless, I met many great lolitas, which I know from former meet-ups <3

We spent both days mostly with looking at the different booths for anime and manga merchandise, playing videogames and on Sunday we even watched the cosplay championship. Most performances were awesome, I could never do that, standing on stage in front of so many people and acting ^___^ So they have my full respect!

Sadly, I hardly took photos D: Only two of the main room for the booths,

, one of my friend Ramona, the Chopper cosplayer,  with a Jewelry Bonney, also from One Piece,

and photos of my outfits, sorryyy! On Saturday, I took it, when I came home,

Dress, headbow, socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes, wig: Bodyline
Small bow: V.aroc.K
Rest: Primark, Bijou Brigitte, Six, H&M, Accessorize

on Sunday before I left the house.

Dress, headbow, wig: Bodyline
Rest: Primark, H&M, Bijou Brigitte, Accessorize

The only thing I bought at the con is a poster. At least I didn't waste too much money on stuff I don't really need :D I hope, I can go to Dokomi 2013 as well and will meet such amazing people as I did this year!

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  1. Das klingt ja nach einem aufregendem Wochenende ^^
    Ich würde ja auch so gern mal wieder auf ne Con gehen aber meist hab ich keine Zeit oder sie sind so weit weg...oder beides xD

    Deine Outfits sind echt süß <3 Die perücke ist echt von Bodyline? O.O Hätte ich jetzt nicht gedacht...seht echt gut aus ^^b

  2. jaa, es war echt toll ^___^ Ich bin auch nicht oft auf Cons, deshalb ist es immer wieder mal schön :3

    Dankeschön♥ Ja, dachte ich auch nicht, als ich sie bestellt habe... damals hat sie noch 17€ gekostet, da dachte ich, kann man nicht viel falsch machen :D Jetzt kostet sie, glaub ich, über 20...