Freitag, 25. Mai 2012

Father's day in Maastricht

As I mentioned in my last post, I want to tell you something about our day in Maastricht.
My parents decided to make a trip there for Father's day last Thursday. And I have to say, Maastricht is a beautiful city! There are old buildings and many, many domes.

On that day, there was also a flea market, where antique furniture, tableware, jewellery,  handbags, etc. were sold. They had lots of pretty stuff and I wanted at least one thing (I'll tell you about that later^^).

After we had some fries, we walked along the shopping passages and went into the first of several churches. And surprise, it wasn't an actual church anymore! Inside were a bookstore and a café, very cool :3

They had delicious cheesecakes there, of course also other ones and sandwiches, but the cheesecakes looked most appetizingly. My mum chose a lime cheesecake and I went for a caramel oreo cheesecake *___* They tasted very sweet and yummy ^____~

We continued our walk and on another place was a funfair and behind that two other domes.

This one wasn't very pretty inside .__. Just grey and it seemed somehow unfinished

This one was better! It was bigger and had an atrium inside
We were really lucky with the weather, the sun was shining all day long and it was fairly warm (nothing to compare to the night before >___<). 


Another church we visited, but this one was really dark and kinda oppressive inside

We walked around until 4 o' clock. Then I was tooooo tired... I looked really wiped out that day, because I slept the night before in my best friends car in front of a club for one hour!! o___o That's why I know, that it was so cold xD 
We went together to the Kabuki RockStyle, a JRock disco, at the "Kultkeller" in Oberhausen. 
He decided to drive by car, but the trains the next morning went on really unfortunate hours. The first one would have gone at 6.30 a.m., but the Kabuki ended at 4.30! Besides he drank some alcohol, so he couldn't drive yet anyway. So we slept in the car.. not very comfortable. I pulled the blanket over my head, because the light from a lantern was sooo bright, but it didn't really help^^
So I slept the least and next morning we drove  home.. I was there at 9.15, decided to join my parents on the trip, took a shower, changed and got ready, so we were on our way at 10.15 again :D 
I wasn't tired anymore by that time, but shortly before Maastricht, I dozed off :D It was quite hard for me at the beginning to walk around, but the sun and the walking itself let me forget about my recurring weariness.
At home I slept from 6.30 p.m. until 6.20 a.m. the next morning xDD

Aah, but before we drove home, I stopped by at the flea market once again to look for something, I could bring home with me. And there it was! Something I want for a reeeeally long time - a dress form! 
It is formed out of baroque metal and we got it for 50€ :3 Now I can display my dresses properly. There are also hooks, so I can hang e.g. necklaces on it and it has an opening at the back, so I can stuff something inside, scarves, for example.

Currently, I've put the black Bodyline dress on the left on it. I'm sooo happy to have one now! ♥

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  1. U have today Father's day? Hehe In Poland tomorrow will be Mather's day. :3

  2. Maastricht is a beautiful city ^^ TOo bad it's such a long traintrip if I want to go there. Didn't know about that church being a bookstore and a cafe, how cool!! :D

    1. I really like it, too ♥ It took us one hour by car to get there. If you're there the next time you'd definitely stop by and check it out ;)